10 free audiobooks narrated by celebrities

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While 'the internet' isn't sure how to feel about celebs singing John Lennon's iconic 'Imagine', the collective web world is all for Sir Patrick Stewart's daily Shakespeare sonnets on Instagram.

And if the dulcet tones of Professor X reading Hamlet or Macbeth are helping you through these unusual times, you'll enjoy working your way through our list of top audiobooks narrated by famous people - all available for free from our digital library collection.

Perfect for the movers and multi-taskers amongst us, there are 41,673 audiobooks waiting for you in Brisbane City Council's library catalogue. To get started you'll need to download BorrowBox, RBDigital or Overdrive to your device - the apps our eBooks can be read on.

So get ready for a little celebrity company on your daily stroll (for one or two), as you cosy up on the couch, or while you tackle a seasonal household clean out.

Here's the list

  1. British personality Stephen Fry brings the world of Hogwarts to life reading J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
  2. You'll feel like the Obamas never left us hearing Michelle read her memoir, Becoming.
  3. It only seems right that a fellow Southern-gal, Reese Witherspoon, would be the vocal match for Harper Lee's, Go Set a Watchman - the book now considered to be the first draft for To Kill a Mockingbird.
  4. Fans of BBC's Sherlock or Lord of the Rings will recognise Martin Freeman's voice reading the words of Douglas Adams, Life, the Universe and Everything.
  5. Master storyteller, Neil Gaiman, takes his skills from the page to the airwaves narrating his acclaimed book, Norse Mythology.
  6. The only person who could do justice to her 488 Rules for Life is Kitty Flanagan herself. Listen to her droll wit with this audiobook about how to make our lives a little more pleasant.
  7. The Queen of Vulnerability herself is the balm we all need right now. Brene Brown inspires us as she reads her latest book, Dare to Lead.
  8. You might know her from the 7:30 Report or her podcast with Annabel Crabb, but Leigh Sales also reads her book, Any Ordinary Day, which explores what comes following a traumatic interruption to everyday life.
  9. Hear the tale of the Working Class Man from the man himself as Jimmy Barnes reads his tale of triumph.
  10. Hear the funny lady, Mindy Kaling, read her tome, Why Not Me?, and learn why the question became her life mantra.

If you don't have a library membership, no worries! Sign up for temporary digital membership and explore more than 150,000 online resources, including magazine and newspaper titles in more than 60 languages - all available 24/7 and helping bring the library to your living room.

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Last updated:21 April 2020
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