Botanica: meet our exhibitor

We talk to Clare Kennedy from Five Mile Radius, a Brisbane-based architectural studio displaying at Botanica - a contemporary outdoor art exhibition. From 10-19 May, Botanica will once again transform the City Botanic Gardens into an outdoor gallery inciting new perspectives through the interplay of art and nature.

Five Mile Radius will use collected construction waste from central Brisbane to form monolithic seating blocks. The discarded by-products will become an informal amphitheatre - a stark landscape among a green oasis of bamboo and trees.

The exhibition will form part of a series of installations created by leading contemporary artists and designers, where residents can gain new perspectives through the lens of art, design and nature.

Inspiring works of art and design continue to breathe new life into our green spaces in unexpected ways, providing more to see and do in a clean and green Brisbane.

Clare, founder of Five Mile Radius

Clare knew she was passionate about sustainability in design when, tiring of commercial architecture, she became more interested in sharing her knowledge on the issue of waste management in building and construction.

Five Mile Radius was founded three years ago and works with a group of passionate young designers that have a love for sustainable architecture.

Clare explains Five Mile Radius is working towards a future where Australians can design and construct builidings that last, and find materials that can be recycled.

"I knew this year's Botanica theme, Remnant Landscapes, would provide an opportunity to really make a difference and educate Brisbane residents on how they can build and design from less conventional materials.

It's my passion to travel overseas to countries that are frugal in their way of living for inspiration. I love discovering and exploring unique materials," Clare said.

Waste Piles

Waste Piles will feature climbable seating platforms made from construction and demolition waste that has been polished back. The materials used in the artwork would usually end up in landfill, considered by the general public as waste, but here they become beautiful.

"Our purpose is to educate Brisbane residents and begin a dialogue about waste management. You can turn waste into something incredibly special," Clare said.

"Our exhibition has an important message to the industry and we want the public to understand waste and how you can use design to transform and minimise it," she said.

Five Mile Radius has been awarded, exhibited and published both nationally and internationally.

Visit Botanica

Following its success in 2018, the temporary open-air exhibition invites audiences to uncover a series of art installations within the gardens, prompting conversations about how we can make the most of public spaces.

Open daily from 12 noon-8pm, with extended hours until 10pm on Fridays, Botanica 2019 runs from 10-19 May in partnership with Museum of Brisbane's inaugural Brisbane Art Design (BAD) festival.

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