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So, you think you know Brisbane? Fancy yourself a bit of an expert on all things local? Well, kick your feet up and put your knowledge to the test with our boredom-busting Brisbane trivia – perfect for all that extra time at home. 

Better still, why not challenge your family and friends to see who comes out tops in our general knowledge, local sports, Brisbane suburbs and history quiz categories.

General knowledge

Established in 1825, Brisbane is the biggest city in Queensland with a population of more than 2.5 million people and the largest local government in Australia. Think you know more than most about our river city? Let's see how you fare in the general knowledge category.

  1. Brisbane is home to the world's largest sanctuary for which animal?

    A. Wombats
    B. Koalas
    C. Emus
    D. Kangaroos


B. Koalas. Founded in 1927, Lone Pine Sanctuary is located in Fig Tree Pocket and is the world's largest and oldest koala sanctuary.

  1. Internationally acclaimed local band, Powderfinger, named their fifth album after which Brisbane street?

    A. Ann Street
    B. Brunswick Street
    C. Vulture Street
    D. Roma Street


C. Vulture Street. They named the album after the street that runs through West End. Their rehearsal space was located in this street.

  1. Brisbane has a twin bridge in what Canadian city?

    A. Vancouver
    B. Montreal
    C. Ottawa
    D. Calgary


B. Montreal. The Story Bridge was influenced and follows the general design of the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

  1. How many tonnes of steel were used to construct the Story Bridge?

    A. 1000
    B. 500,000
    C. 12,000
    D. 25,000


C. More than 12,000 tonnes of steel were used to construct the Story Bridge. Many of the frames of trusses were made locally in Rocklea, where large sections of the bridge were first erected in the workshop to make sure each piece fit perfectly before being dismantled and transported to the construction site.

  1. Bonus bridge question: How many bridges cross the Brisbane River?

    A. 5
    B. 25
    C. 15
    D. 9


C. 15. The Brisbane River has 15 bridges that cross it, from the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges (aka Gateway) to the popular Go Between and Goodwill bridges in the CBD and the Walter Taylor Bridge in Indooroopilly.

Local sports

Brisbane is home to some of Australia's biggest sporting clubs, including the Brisbane Lions in the AFL, Brisbane Roar in the A-League and Brisbane Broncos in the NRL. How well do you know your sports? Put your sporting cap on and take the test.

  1. What were the Brisbane Lions previously known as before they merged with Fitzroy in 1996?

    A. Brisbane Bin Chickens
    B. Brisbane Bulldogs
    C. Brisbane Bullets
    D. Brisbane Bears


D. Brisbane Bears. Following years of financial issues, Brisbane Bears merged with the also struggling Fitzroy Lions in 1996. The club changed its name to Brisbane Lions and based its song, colours and emblem on Fitzroy's, bringing an end to the Brisbane Bears, who played for 10 years in the AFL with a best finish of third place.

  1. Brisbane Roar is one of how many Queensland teams to have featured in the A-League since its inception in 2005?

    A. 5
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 2


B. Three. While Queensland has had several teams play in the A-League, including Clive Palmer's Gold Coast United and the North Queensland Fury, Brisbane Roar is the only Queensland team still in the competition and is one of the most successful clubs in the league's history.

  1. Cricket is predominantly played at what Brisbane sporting facility?

    A. Suncorp Stadium
    B. Brisbane Park
    C. The Gabba
    D. Brisbane Stadium


C. The Gabba. Nicknamed after the suburb of its location, Woolloongabba, The Gabba is Brisbane's home of cricket. Established in 1895, it currently serves as the home ground for Queensland Bulls in domestic cricket and the Brisbane Heat of the Big Bash League and Women's Big Bash League.

Brisbane suburbs

Brisbane is made up of vibrant suburbs that make our city great. But do you know how your favourite neighbourhood got its name, or what mark it has made in the history books? Test your suburban intel in this category.

  1. Albion was one of Brisbane's first suburbs. In what year did the rail line between Roma Street and Sandgate open, servicing Albion?

    A. 1929
    B. 1882
    C. 1910
    D. 1896


B. 1882. By the 1880s, many homes had been built in the area and by 1892 Albion was serviced by 29 daily trains to the city. In 1901, electric trams were introduced along Sandgate Road.

  1. What is the name of Brisbane's oldest surviving shopping arcade and where is it located?


Brisbane Arcade. The Brisbane Arcade, now a part of the Queen Street Mall precinct, was built in 1924 by sibling philanthropists, Dr James O'Neil Mayne and Mary Emelia Mayne. At the time, most locals shopped in Brisbane City or Fortitude Valley. The arcade complemented Brisbane's other large department stores of the time, including Allan & Stark, McDonnell and East and T. C. Beirne's.


Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in Australia and was founded on the ancient homelands of the Indigenous Turrbal and Jagera peoples. So how much do you know about our local history?

  1. How many times has the bridge now known as the Victoria Bridge been rebuilt?

    A. 7
    B. 4
    C. 2
    D. 5


B. Four. An initial temporary wooden bridge opened in 1865, but due to funding issues it eventually broke apart and fell into the Brisbane River. The second bridge was built in 1874 and was partially washed away in the 1893 flood, before another replacement was built in 1897. The third bridge was used by Brisbane's electric trams before it was demolished in 1969 and the current Victoria Bridge opened.

  1. The word 'Kurilpa' is the Indigenous word for which part of Brisbane?

    A. Sandgate
    B. Nundah
    C. West End
    D. Toowong


West End. Meaning 'place for water rats', Kurilpa is also the name given to the pedestrian bridge that connects South Brisbane to Tank Street in the Brisbane CBD.

  1. The Lores Bonney Riverwalk at Kingsford Smith Drive is named after Maude 'Lores' Bonney, who made a significant impact on which industry?

    A. Automotive
    B. Aviation
    C. Railway
    D. Electricity


B. Aviation. Australia's 'Lady of the Sky', Maude 'Lores' Bonney moved to Brisbane in 1917 and learned to fly at Eagle Farm Airport. Bonney created aviation history throughout the 1930s with the longest one-day flight by an airwoman at 1600 kilometres in 1931 and was the first woman to circumnavigate Australia by air in 1932.

  1. What is the name of Brisbane's first modern high-rise residential building?

    A. Brisbane Skytower
    B. Infinity
    C. Soleil
    D. Torbreck


D. Torbreck. Opened in 1960, Torbreck is located atop Highgate Hill and was the talk of the town when it first opened due to its modern architecture, including electric kitchens, garbage disposals and self-opening lift doors. It's now a heritage-listed, local architectural icon.

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