DIY videos for fun eco-friendly projects

While we’re excited the outside world is slowly starting up again, if you’re like us, you’re also enjoying making the most of time indoors and all the great do-it-yourself (DIY) activities.  

Suddenly building puzzles, craft and creating is all the rage and the hands-on skills of yesteryear are on-trend. So, continue enjoying your at-home time with our list of top eco-friendly DIY videos.

Turn toilet paper rolls into seedling pots

Instead of tossing your empty cardboard tubes in the recycling bin, try giving your rolls another life and set up a veggie garden. All you need is some seeds and potting mix – with regular care you will be harvesting your own produce in no time.

Make your own cat toy

Treat your cat to a new DIY cat toy without buying any supplies. Simply dig out an old t-shirt (you know - the one you said you'd wear one day), grab a pair of scissors, a milk bottle and some string. Intrigued?

Coffee scrub for natural pampering

Thought coffee was just for drinking? If you're hitting the coffee grind at home, turn your grinds into a fragrant, pampering scrub for your skin. Our coffee body scrub is easy to make, great for shiny, smooth skin, and keeps your leftover coffee waste out of landfill. Watch our 47-second long video to learn how.

Cook fried rice from leftovers

Stuck for what to cook for dinner, but have a fridge full of random veggie leftovers? We have the recipe for you! Add cooked rice, eggs and some protein to your orphaned veggies for a quick meal. Watch our 2-minute long video to learn how.

Check out all of our Love Food Hate Waste videos for more food inspiration, and our Yummy boredom busting, no waste recipes blog.

Homemade dog treats for your furry friend

Spoil your doggo with baked dog treats made from leftover veggies and common pantry ingredients. Choose the paw-fect shape to cut your dough and after a quick bake, your pup will be begging for more. Watch our short video to learn how.

Bake yourself some treats

It seems everyone has become a baker in iso, and if not, maybe the cooler weather can tempt you to the oven. Warm your heart and belly with our easy banana bread, using overripe fruit that's no good for landfill, but great for sweet treats. Alternatively, embrace the feeling of national nostalgia that comes with baking and eating Anzac biscuits.

Make farm animals with the kids

Sometimes you just need to channel Old Macdonald and bring the farm to you — a task that is surprisingly easy with some egg cartons, a splash of paint and a dab or two of glue. Our DIY cardboard animals activity helps you make a chick, bunny, cat, pig and/or mouse. We can help add cardboard flowers to your farm too.

Handmade bath salts

Soak the day away in your homemade concoction of soothing bath salts. Using simple ingredients and some fun with food dyes, this impressively straightforward method will give you a pretty and practical jar of salts.

Easy compost at home

Composting is one of those things many of us want to do, but haven't quite started. We're here to help break down the barriers with our simple four-step composting video. For extra help, we've got a good read on the best ways to turn spoils into soil.

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Last updated:29 May 2020
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