Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot at Brisbane Festival


Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot is a ukulele-led dance of screen and song that will transport you all the way to exactly where you are.

Brisbane-based writer, musician and performer, David Megarrity, promises a unique experience with his new show as part of the Brisbane Festival 2019.

David, a Senior Lecturer in Drama at QUT, has teamed up with long-time creative partner, Samuel Vincent, to write music and perform as on-stage personas Tyrone and Lesley, for two decades.

Along with video artist - and David's former student at QUT - Nathan Sibthorpe, the trio has fused music, projection and animation into a show full of heart and humour. "I really like making performances that are curious and hard to categorise, and this show is definitely one of those!", David said.

The trio collaborated on the successful Bear with Me, a Tyrone and Lesley show for children that celebrates teddy bears and features music, performance and video. The show, which started its run in 2012, has continued to tour around the country and will soon feature at the Awesome Festival in Perth.

Following the success of Bear with Me, David wanted to create a similar experience aimed at adults.

"I've been making music and performance with Samuel as Tyrone and Lesley for 20 years. We wanted to make something new to celebrate that. Bear with Me was such a success that I really wanted to develop a new show that played with music, performance and video for grown-ups."

"The show began with the songs, and we experimented with animation and projection to build worlds around them. In a way, the show is about Tyrone and Lesley making a show."

As a musician and performer that has called Brisbane home for more than 30 years, David credits Brisbane as a city that allows artists to innovate within their craft.

"I think Brisbane is a place where you can be quirky and experiment with developing a very distinct voice with what you do," David said.

"Particularly in music, it's easy to point to bands who formed in Brisbane that couldn't have come from anywhere else. Brisbane is at its best when it's not pretending to be anywhere else."

The trio have created Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot with arts festivals, like Brisbane Festival, in mind and have built the show so that it can change with every performance and adapt to its audience.

"While we've played the songs all over Australia, we've done this particular show only once, at the Brisbane Powerhouse, so we're thrilled to be part of Brisbane Festival and share it with more people."

"I know audiences will come away from the show aglow, with a smile on their face and fresh appreciation for how songs can create such a lovely spot to gather around."

Festival-goers can catch Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot from 17-21 September at The Loft, Theatre Republic in the QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Kelvin Grove.

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Last updated:24 October 2019
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