Topics: business case studies

When Wooloowin mum, Sandra Ebbott, began searching for Australian brands that made non-toxic, natural, PVC-free rubber teething toys to give her baby daughter some relief, all she found was a massive gap in the market.

What started out as two friends dishing out homemade gnocchi at a weekly farmers market has become one of Brisbane’s most unique restaurants, Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers.

Nightlife Music's world-first innovation, crowdDJ, lets business owners curate a music playlist with customer requests through a unique collaborative experience.

The MOVUS FitMachine is attached to industrial machinery and uses a sensor to monitor the machine’s vibration, temperature and acoustics. It sends an alert, using artificial intelligence, at the first detection of machinery malfunction, saving business owners’ valuable time and money.

Katie Richards is the CEO and founder of Virtual Legal, a law firm that manages commercial and property-related legal transactions online.

Nadine Bates and Kristen Souvlis launched Like A Photon Creative in 2014, a multi-award-winning production company specialising in creating content for children. Today the Brisbane-based company makes film and television for some of the largest names in the entertainment industry, including Sesame Street USA and Disney.

ChekRite helps companies to trade in their paper-based process for digital-driven data solutions.