Temporary lane or road closure

To temporarily close any part of a Brisbane City Council road including parking bays, you are required to obtain a Temporary Road Closure Certificate from Council. Any activity likely to impact the operation of the road network or traffic flow including any off-road activity that affects the flow of traffic requires a certificate.

When you need a certificate

Examples of activities requiring a temporary road closure certificate include:

  • road maintenance, such as re-surfacing or line-marking
  • lane closures around a building site
  • moving cranes or other equipment in or out of a building site
  • placing a barricade on the road
  • grass cutting along the median strip, requiring the road shoulder or a lane to be closed
  • lane closure to trim trees
  • hanging a banner over the road
  • festivals, events, markets and filming that affect the road network.

There are separate applications for major events where more than 2000 people are expected to attend over the event or for filming purposes where the road network is affected. Council's Festival and Event or Filming Liaison Officer will coordinate Council’s assessment, including any proposed road closure.


The fees associated with a temporary lane or road closure include the non-refundable application fee of $268 (GST exempt). There may be additional costs associated with:

  • installation/amendment or removal of parking signs
  • closure of any metered parking space on days when the meter would normally operate
  • administration or project management fees associated with metered parking space closure.

By submitting your application, you agree to pay all costs associated with the use of the paid parking bays for the duration, according to the permit approval conditions issued by the Temporary Road Closures team.

Fees will be invoiced within 10 days of the road/lane closure start date and payment must be made within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

Email City Parking for further information in relation to paid parking costs.

Application types and time frame

There are two application types for Temporary Lane/Road Closure, each application approval has a specific processing time frame. You must lodge your application with at least the minimum time frame in advance of your proposed lane/road closure.

Table provides information on the two application types for temporary lane/road closures and their processing timeframes.
Application type Time Frame
Special event
  • wholly or partly conducted on a roadway
  • may require multiple agency involvement
  • requires special traffic management arrangements
  • usually involves a large number of participants and/or spectators

Where more than 2000 people are expected to attend over the event, apply using the Application for Event Approvals

A minimum of 20 working days
Other applications A minimum of 20 working days

How to apply

Use the following steps to apply for a Temporary Road Closure Certificate.

1. Supporting documents

Prepare the necessary supporting documents and attachments required for your online application (as Word, PDF or JPG files). This may include:

  • Traffic Management Plan for temporary lane/road closure (required)
  • copy of development assessment approval (if applicable)
  • for special events:
    • a map indicating the location of proposed stalls/structures to be placed on the road way
    • Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance at a minimum of $20 million indemnifying Council for all claims for personal injury and damage to property arising out of the event
    • List of all roads in the order they will be travelled (for events such as a fun run, cycle event or procession).

2. Application form

Complete the online application for temporary road occupation form and upload your supporting documents. Alternatively, you can complete a hard copy form

3. Contact Queensland Police Service

Please note that you will also need to apply for a Queensland Police Service (QPS) permit by contacting QPS and/or relevant authorities and receiving approval before closures can commence. QPS will only issue a permit if Council has first issued approval.

Other approvals

An Application/Notice to Work on Council Property will also be required if your proposal includes:

  • any excavation work
  • occupation of the footpath.

More information

For more information, phone Council's Congestion Reduction Unit, Temporary Road Closure Team, on 07 3403 9769.

Last updated:24 June 2019