Brisbane Metro elements

Brisbane City Council is building a greater transport network to get you home quicker and safer. Brisbane Metro will be a key part of this network and be delivered through five key elements.

Key elements


  • a new underground Cultural Centre station
  • Victoria Bridge converted into a ‘green’ bridge
  • a new tunnel under Adelaide Street
  • modifications and upgrades to existing stations
  • a new depot facility for the Metro vehicle fleet.

Metro vehicle

  • a new fleet of up to 60 Metro vehicles
  • capacity for up to 150 passengers
  • approximately 25 metres long
  • low floor design and at least four large doors for quicker boarding.


  • dynamic vehicle bay allocation system
  • real-time vehicle location and travel updates
  • passenger information displays.

Policy and operations

  • ticketing improvements to speed up boarding
  • all door alighting and boarding
  • reduced vehicle dwell times.

Network and services

  • two new Metro lines
  • Metro servicing 18 stations
  • interchange at 11 locations
  • complement Cross River Rail with interchanges at Boggo Road station and Roma Street station.

More information

For more information about the features and benefits of Brisbane Metro:

Last updated: 1 August 2019
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