Brisbane Metro construction updates

Brisbane City Council is moving ahead with the turn-up-and-go Brisbane Metro — a new era of connected travel. Brisbane Metro will deliver a 21-kilometre, turn-up-and-go service, with two dedicated lines connecting 18 stations from Eight Mile Plains to Roma Street, and Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital to The University of Queensland.

The Collaborative Partnership, Brisbane Move has commenced major construction works. Use this page to find information on works underway.

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Major construction Inner City North

Major construction activities for the Brisbane Metro project continue in Brisbane’s CBD throughout November 2023, including:

  • tunnelling activities beneath Adelaide Street
  • Adelaide Street surface works between Albert Street and Edward Street
  • piling activities at King George Square
  • major construction activities on North Quay
  • strengthening activities on Victoria Bridge.

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Adelaide Street works  

In mid-February 2023, Brisbane Move commenced construction works to deliver a revitalised streetscape along Adelaide Street from George Street to Edward Street in line with Brisbane City Council’s Adelaide Street Vision. Works include upgrading footpaths and bus stops, as well as new landscaping, street furniture and lighting, and relocating and installing in-ground services.

Works on Adelaide Street will continue until late 2024 and will be undertaken out-of-hours (from 7pm to 5am, Sunday to Thursday) and in three separate stages to minimise the impact to businesses, pedestrians and public transport users.

Key pedestrian, public transport and traffic changes from mid-February 2023 to late 2023

For more information on bus stop changes, visit the Translink website.

King George Square station works

Construction works will continue at King George Square station until mid-2025.

Construction activities include demolition on the King George Square busway station concourse and platform levels, site investigations, excavation, backfilling, concreting and piling activities. These works will take place:

  • on Adelaide Street between City Hall and the Adelaide Street and Albert Street intersection
  • within the existing King George Square busway station and at platform levels.

King George Square commuter, pedestrian, cyclist and motorist changes

Next stage of major construction at King George Square Station  

From 11 December 2023, the next stage of major construction works at King George Square station will commence, and will include replacing and realigning the platform screen doors to accommodate the new metro vehicles. These works will continue until mid-2024 and will require temporary changes to services at King George Square and Queen Street bus stations. 

 King George Square and Queen Street bus station changes from 11 December 2023 – June 2024 

The following stops at King George Square station will temporarily close:  

  • Platform 1: 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D
  • Platform 2: 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D
  • Affected bus services will be maintained at alternative stops in the following locations:
    • on William Street, between Queen Street and Elizabeth Street 
    • on George Street, between Tank Street and Turbot Street
    • on Roma Street, between Garrick Street and Makerston Street
    • at Queen Street bus station. 

Please see the map below for details on where services will stop from Monday 11 December 2023.  

To find out more about these works, download the: 

For more information on bus stop changes, visit the Translink website.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the map and where to catch your regular service during this time.  

Bus stop changes from 11 December 2023

North Quay and William Street works

Construction continues along North Quay and William Street throughout November. Works include:

  • site investigations, including potholing and concrete scanning
  • constructing the new substation on North Quay
  • vegetation pruning
  • installing conduits for new communications and electrical services
  • concreting and excavation activities
  • installation of new streetlights and traffic signals
  • constructing new sewer, water and drainage infrastructure, and modifications to existing sewer infrastructure
  • paving and reinstatement works
  • finishing works on William Street.

Approximately 40 motorcycle parks on North Quay near Turbot Street will remain closed until late 2024. Find alternative inner city motorcycle parking locations.

Victoria Bridge works

Works for Victoria Bridge are underway to support bus services and active transport connections across the CBD and South Brisbane. Works commenced in June 2022 and will continue until 2024, including:

  • removal of existing asphalt and concreting activities on the bridge deck
  • strengthening, kerb construction and drainage works on and beneath the bridge
  • installing sewer services beneath the bridge
  • installing new scaffolding under the bridge abutment in South Brisbane to support strengthening works 
  • reinstatement of the bi-directional cycleway once works are complete.

Works will be undertaken from both bridge abutments, and from barges on the river during:

  • standard construction hours – Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm and Saturday between 8am and 1pm
  • out-of-hours – Sunday to Thursday between 7pm and 5am.

Temporary traffic, pedestrian and active transport changes

The CityLink Cycleway on Victoria Bridge will be temporarily closed from 29 May 2023 to mid-2024, with shared-user paths available on the upstream and downstream sides of the bridge. Traffic management and way-finding signage will be in place for bus services, pedestrians and active transport users.

Intermittent overnight lane closures and closure of the Elizabeth Street off-ramp on the Riverside Express adjacent to Victoria Bridge will continue.

The spiral ramp between Victoria Bridge to Clem Jones Promenade will be temporarily closed for a period of up to 3 months from mid-October 2023. For more information on the Victoria Bridge strengthening works, download the Brisbane Metro construction update - Victoria Bridge - October 2023 (Word - 455kb).

Map - Victoria Bridge temporary pedestrian and active transport changes

Brisbane CBD traffic changes

Major construction in the Brisbane CBD continues, with significant traffic changes taking place on North Quay, William Street, George Street and Adelaide Street.

Changes include both permanent and temporary changed traffic and pedestrian conditions as well as permanent bus stop and public transport service changes.

Map Alternate CBD traffic access

Map Changed traffic, pedestrian and public transport access

Traffic, pedestrian, cyclist, and motorcycle changes during construction

  • Through south-bound vehicle access on North Quay is permanently closed at Adelaide Street, and all general traffic must turn left into Adelaide Street. Once on Adelaide Street, all general traffic must then turn left into George Street — only buses and authorised traffic are able to continue eastbound on Adelaide Street. Detour signage is in place to direct motorists.
  • The pedestrian crossing across Adelaide Street at North Quay is permanently closed. Detour signage is in place to direct pedestrians.
  • Approximately 40 motorcycle parks will remain temporarily closed until late 2024 on North Quay adjacent to Turbot Street for the construction of a new sewer line on North Quay.  

Traffic management is in place to guide motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and commuters.

Bus stop changes

As a result of the construction, North Quay bus stop 109/110 permanently closed to all bus services. Adelaide Street bus stop 48 will close during major construction works. This means that any bus services that currently use these stops will be re-routed through the Brisbane CBD to service new or alternative bus stops.

There will also be additional stop changes to other services through the CBD, as a result of the re-routed services.

Impacted routes include:

  • North Quay stop 109/110:
    • Routes 360, 361 and 364
    • Routes 470, 475 and 476
  • Adelaide Street stop 48:
    • Route 555

Other CBD stop changes:

  • Route 61 (late Friday and Saturday nights only) will no longer service Ann Street stop 12
  • Routes 184/185 and routes 211/212 will no longer stop at Ann Street stop 10
  • Routes 360/361/364 and routes 475/476 will also no longer stop at Elizabeth Street stops 83 and 89, and Eagle Street stop 63 (at Riverside).
  • Route 470 will no longer stop at Herschel St stop 1, Elizabeth Street stops 83 and 89, and Eagle Street stop 63 (at Riverside)

To find out more about these changes and to plan your new journey, download the MyTransLink app, visit the Translink website or phone 13 12 30 anytime.

To find out more about these works or register for regular updates, you can:

We strongly encourage anyone that lives, works or travels into the city to plan ahead and email Brisbane Move to receive regular project updates. To find out more about these works, phone Brisbane Move on 1800 318 059.

Major Construction – Inner City South

Cultural Centre station upgrade, precinct enhancement works and public transport changes

Major construction at the Cultural Centre station and on Grey Street and Melbourne Street is continuing throughout October 2023. Works include:

  • temporary changes to public transport, general traffic, pedestrian, and active transport movements
  • permanent platform 1 finishing works including installation of final seating
  • permanent platform 2 works including piling works, demolishing footpath and road pavement, concreting works and installing services including electrical conduits across the busway
  • the replacement of two Cultural Centre Station lifts near the Queensland Museum and Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)
  • temporary staged closure of the Cultural Centre underpass to complete lift lobby works from mid-2023 to late 2023
  • urban realm finishing works on Grey Street and at the South Brisbane railway station forecourt including landscaping, installing plants and seating, and electrical and drainage works
  • intermittent site investigation works throughout the area.

Every effort will be made to minimise the impact of these works on nearby businesses and residents.

To find out more about these works, download the:

Cultural Centre station permanent platform 1 opening - 21 August 2023

The new permanent platform 1 (bus services toward the City) opened to the public on Monday 21 August 2023.

Temporary platform 1, which was in place from December 2022, has been closed, and decommissioned to facilitate works on permanent platform 2. Buses will continue to use temporary platform 2 (South East and Eastern busway services) and temporary platform 3 (West End and Highgate Hill services) until early 2024. Please see the following maps of access changes.

To find out more about the platform opening, download the:

For information on public transport service changes:

Map - Cultural Centre Station public transport changes from 21 August 2023

Map - Cultural Centre Station pedestrian and traffic changes from 21 August 2023

Cultural Centre underpass temporary closures

To undertake works for the new lifts at the Cultural Centre station, the underpass between the Queensland Museum and QPAC carparks will be temporarily closed between July 2023 and late 2023.

Ramp and lift access to the Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Gallery, QPAC and carparks is maintained. During this time the Cultural Centre overpass is the preferred access between these venues.

Wayfinding will be in place to direct pedestrians as required. Please see a map of closures: 

Map - Cultural Centre underpass temporary closure from August to late 2023

Melbourne Street urban realm upgrades and public transport works, South Brisbane

The next stage of works to revitalise Melbourne Street and Hope Street started in late May 2023. Works in this area will continue until April 2024, including:

  • new traffic lane alignment, resurfacing and line marking
  • new cycle lanes with planted concrete median to separate from general traffic
  • new hard and soft landscaping including seating and planting
  • Hope Street and Melbourne Street intersection footpath upgrade
  • new kerb ramps and tactiles at Melbourne Street intersections with Grey Street and Merivale Street
  • relocating and installing in-ground services
  • streamlining bus stops, including removing existing bus stops and installing a new inbound bus stop.

Download the Melbourne Street urban realm upgrades and public transport changes - May 2023 construction notice (Word - 1.1Mb).

Permanent public transport changes from May 2023:

  • closure of outbound stop 3 on Melbourne Street at Cordelia Street from 8 May 2023
  • closure of inbound stop 3 on Melbourne Street at Cordelia Street from 28 May 2023.

You can catch routes 192, 196 or 199 from stop 4 on Melbourne Street, at Manning Street, approximately 150m from the current stops.

For information on public transport service changes:

There are temporary changed pedestrian and cyclist conditions on Melbourne Street footpaths between Manning Street and Grey Street from May 2023 to mid-2024. As of September 2023, the temporary closure of the intersection of Melbourne Street and Hope Street has been reopened. The Melbourne Street left turn lane into Hope Street has also been re-opened to general traffic.

Access for pedestrians, cyclists and local businesses on Melbourne Street and Hope Street will be maintained unless otherwise notified. Traffic management will be in place to safely direct motorists, pedestrians and cyclists as required.

Download the Melbourne Street and Hope Street construction update - May 2023 (Word 1.2Mb).

Map - Melbourne Street Stage 1 - work area and public transport changes - May 2023 to mid-2024

Suburban works

End of route charging facilities - Ernie's Roundabout, Herston and Countess Street, Petrie Terrace

Construction activities for the end of route vehicle charging facility on the Inner Northern Busway at Ernie’s Roundabout in Herston and at Countess Street, Petrie Terrace are underway and will continue until early 2024.

Works at Countess Street include installing new charging containers and their supporting steel structures, installing electrical infrastructure and line marking and busway works. Works at Ernie's Roundabout include concreting and excavation, pavement works and installing in ground service and conduits, charging infrastructure and their supporting structures.

Works will be completed between 7pm and 5am, Sunday to Thursday, with extended work hours in place at Countess Street and Ernie's Roundabout throughout November 2023. Out-of-hours work is required to minimise impacts to busway operations. Additional works may be required, subject to weather and site conditions.

Every effort will be made to minimise the impact of these works on nearby businesses and properties.

Buranda busway station

As part of the Brisbane Metro major infrastructure works, construction works will continue in Woolloongabba to upgrade Buranda Busway station. The upgrade involves increasing the length of both the inbound and outbound station platforms and widening the busway tunnel under O’Keefe Street.

Works include:

  • service utility location, relocation and potholing works
  • excavation and backfilling works
  • steel and concrete works to form the new bridge deck and plaza area
  • construction of permanent pavement in the plaza forecourt
  • ongoing activities at the Hanlon Park laydown facility to support the Buranda busway station upgrade.

From November 2023, for up to six weeks, a section of the northern footpath on O'Keefe Street between Gillingham Street and the station plaza will remain closed for utility relocation works. Access to the busway station, rail station and local businesses is being maintained via Gillingham Street.

Traffic, parking and pedestrian changes are in place to facilitate major construction activities.

For more information on these changes, you can download the:

There will also be ongoing activity at the site compound and laydown facility within a section of Hanlon Park. The site compound will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will be used for workforce facilities, storage and the maintenance of construction equipment. The Hanlon Park site compound and laydown facility will be in place until 2024.

November 2023 - temporary weekend closures and O'Keefe Street traffic changes

From November 2023, Brisbane Move will commence the next phase of major construction at Buranda busway station, Woolloongabba. To minimise disruptions to public transport and road networks, critical works within the busway tunnel beneath O’Keefe Street are being delivered outside peak commuter periods.

Temporary weekend road and busway station closures will be in place on:

  • Friday 17 November to Monday 20 November 2023
  • Friday 24 November to Monday 27 November 2023

Dates are subject to weather and construction conditions. 

From 8pm Friday to 5am Monday on these dates, O’Keefe Street will be closed to general traffic between Carl Street and Logan Road. Access will be maintained for local traffic, emergency services and Translink operated buses. Detour routes will be in place.

From 9pm Friday to 5am Monday on these dates, Buranda busway station will be closed with temporary bus stops in place on O'Keefe Street, between Wolseley Street and Carl Street. Please see map further below for temporary bus stop locations. All bus services including those that would usually service or travel through Buranda busway station will be diverted from the South East Busway onto O'Keefe Street, Woolloongabba.

For more information about these weekend closures and detours, download:

For more information about construction activities at Buranda busway station, download the:

If you have any questions regarding the works, please do not hesitate to contact the Brisbane Move team on 1800 318 059 or email Brisbane Move.

Map - Buranda busway station pedestrian access

University of Queensland (UQ) Lakes station and Dutton Park works

As part of Brisbane Metro, Brisbane Move is undertaking construction works at UQ Lakes station in St Lucia to increase station capacity and provide end of route charging for the electric metro fleet.

Works commenced in mid-2022 and are expected to be complete by mid-2024, weather and construction conditions permitting. Works include:

  • upgrading the existing UQ Lakes station Platform 1, shelter and seating, in addition to the construction of a new platform
  • installation of the new Platform 1 steel and boardwalk steel structures and new roofing at Stop F and Platform 2
  • construction of a new sandstone block retaining wall adjacent to UQ Lakes station
  • reconfiguration of dedicated cyclist facilities, including improved connections between the University of Queensland and Eleanor Schonell Bridge
  • vegetation removal and clearing
  • construction of the metro charging infrastructure within Dutton Park Recreation Reserve and installation of new metro charging structures and supporting infrastructure
  • installation of infrastructure from a gantry underneath Eleanor Schonell Bridge: Install cable trays and pull cable for the electrical supply from Dutton Park Recreation Reserve to UQ Lakes station 
  • installation of the electrical supply for the charging containers within a section of Dutton Park Recreation Reserve, at Dutton Park Place, and underneath the Eleanor Schonell Bridge.

Work hours and impacts

Works will be undertaken during:

  • standard hours: Monday to Friday, between 7am and 6pm, and weekends, between 7am and 5pm each day
  • out-of-hours: Sunday to Friday, between 7pm and 5am

Impacts include:

  • temporary lane closures and detours may be required around the work areas during construction activities
  • short pedestrian detours may be required around the work areas during construction activities
  • general construction noise, dust and light from the use of construction equipment.

Every effort will be made to minimise the impact of these works, including night works, noise and dust, on nearby businesses and properties.

Station, pedestrian and active transport changes until early 2024

Temporary changes to station, pedestrian and active transport access include:

  • Platform 1 will be closed, including stops B, D and E.
  • All bus services are maintained via Platform 2 from stops A, C and F. 
  • A section of footpath to the north of UQ Lakes station Platform 1 is closed, with a signed detour via a temporary footpath and Sir William MacGregor Drive.
  • Temporary footpath and car park changes at Dutton Park Place and changed traffic, pedestrian and cyclist conditions at Dutton Park Place and on TJ Doyle Memorial Drive.

Footpath re-opened underneath Eleanor Schonell Bridge adjacent to UQ Lakes station

The new footpath underneath Eleanor Schonell Bridge has re-opened followingworks to install the electrical supply for the metro vehicle charging at UQ Lakes station.

Reinstatement, finishing and landscaping works will continue in this area until early 2024.

For more information on the construction works, download:

UQ Lakes station changes in place until early 2024

Metro depot

As part of Brisbane Metro, a new metro depot is being constructed at School Road, Rochedale, adjacent to the South East Busway. Construction is underway, with completion expected in early 2024.

For more information about works currently underway, download the:

Last updated: 20 November 2023

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