Brisbane Metro construction updates

Brisbane City Council has commenced a program of early works including intersection upgrades and preliminary site investigations along the Brisbane Metro alignment. Relocation of public utility services in South Brisbane are also planned to commence in early 2020. These works will assist in preparing for the main construction works.

Sewer pump station

Brisbane City Council is progressing with early works in South Brisbane for the Brisbane Metro project. As part of this, Urban Utilities will construct a new sewer pump station at Alexander Smith Place Park (63 Grey Street, South Brisbane). This work is planned to make way for the new underground Cultural Centre Station, where an existing sewer pump station is located on the corner of Melbourne Street and Grey Street.

Initial investigation works commenced in early February 2020 and will inform the construction of the new sewer pump station. Site establishment for the main construction works is expected to take place from mid-late February 2020.

Main construction works of the sewer pump station is planned to commence in March/April 2020 and take up to 12 months to complete, subject to weather and site conditions.

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Metro depot site works

As part of Brisbane Metro, Council is constructing a new Metro depot facility at School Road, Rochedale, adjacent to the South East Busway. The depot will provide:

  • storage and maintenance for the new electric Metro vehicle fleet
  • charging infrastructure
  • staff facilities, including on-site parking.

In early 2019, Council acquired four properties at 71–95 School Road, Rochedale required for the depot site. Council is currently seeking to acquire four additional properties at 37, 41, 47 and 59 School Road.

In December 2019 Council commenced site works to prepare for the new Metro depot facility, including demolition of existing buildings and site clearing. Intermittent works will continue to be undertaken during 2020 to prepare for main construction works. Council will keep the community and key stakeholders informed about future works as the project progresses.

Intersection upgrades – South Brisbane and CBD

As part of Brisbane Metro, Council will upgrade a number of intersections in South Brisbane and the CBD. These improvements will help manage traffic changes on Victoria Bridge and ensure cross-river connections, particularly William Jolly Bridge, are easy and convenient to access.

Council has upgraded the following intersections as part of this program of works:

  • Peel Street and Merivale Street, South Brisbane
  • Skew Street and Upper Roma Street, Brisbane CBD
  • Peel Street and Cordelia Street, South Brisbane.

Peel Street and Merivale Street intersection

Works to upgrade this intersection were completed in December 2018. This included modifying lane configurations around the intersection to offer additional left turn capacity from Peel Street into Merivale Street and making changes to signal phasing across Merivale Street to remove pedestrian conflicts and improve safety. 

Peel Street and Cordelia Street intersection

Works to upgrade this intersection were completed in early July 2019. This included reconfiguring lanes on Peel Street outbound to create separate through and right turn lanes at the intersection to help traffic flow more efficiently. The upgrade also improved the condition of pavement at the intersection.

Peel Street, Grey Street and Stanley Place intersection

Council has identified the opportunity to improve the operation of the Peel Street, Grey Street and Stanley Place intersection in South Brisbane. The aim of these improvement works is to provide an upgraded traffic network and improve traffic flow.

This proposed upgrade will include:

  • constructing a new left turn slip lane from William Jolly Bridge into Stanley Place
  • reconfiguring the road alignment on Stanley Place to create an additional right turn lane onto Grey Street and increase vehicle storage capacity
  • extending the length of the right turn pocket from Grey Street into Stanley Place
  • improving the right turn storage out of Stanley Place to align with the car park exit
  • changing traffic signal phasing to increase green time and improve intersection efficiency, particularly for event traffic
  • realigning pedestrian crossings and changing crossing signal arrangements to improve pedestrian safety
  • constructing bike ramps on Grey Street to improve the cycling transition to and from the William Jolly Bridge.

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Works are planned to commence in early 2020, subject to approvals. 

Skew Street and Upper Roma Street intersection

Works to upgrade this intersection were completed in April 2019. This included extending the length of the turning lanes on Skew Street and implementing new landscaping in the traffic island on Skew Street to improve sight lines.

Vulture Street, Stanley Street and Dock Street intersection

In early 2019, Council investigated opportunities to improve the operation of the Vulture Street, Stanley Street and Dock Street intersection.

Following consultation with key stakeholders and community feedback, Council is continuing to investigate opportunities to improve this intersection. Council is committed to ensuring local residents, businesses and key stakeholders are informed about potential upgrades at this location and will provide further information as the design progresses.

Services relocations

To prepare for construction of the new Cultural Centre underground station, Council is planning to relocate a number of public utility services around the Grey Street and Melbourne Street intersection.

Council is working with the Queensland Government to progress planning and design, with works expected to commence in early 2020.

More information about services relocations works will be provided to local residents and businesses prior to works commencing.

Last updated:18 February 2020