Major Infrastructure

Following the announcement of Brisbane Move as the preferred tenderer for Brisbane Metro major infrastructure works, Brisbane City Council has revealed details of their winning design, which includes a revised scope of works at the Cultural Centre Precinct.

As part of their tender submission, Brisbane Move offered a design solution which makes improvements to the existing Cultural Centre station to ensure the station can continue to meet busway performance requirements into the future.

Council has accepted this innovative solution and has undertaken independent analysis that confirms the ability to defer delivery of the underground station for at least 10 years post Brisbane Metro coming online. An underground Cultural Centre station can be delivered as part of a future stage of Brisbane Metro.

Key elements

Brisbane Move will be responsible for working in partnership with Council to design and deliver their project solution for Stage 1 of Brisbane Metro, which includes the upgraded Cultural Centre station, public realm improvements in the Cultural Centre Precinct, changes to Victoria Bridge and North Quay, the new Adelaide Street tunnel and public realm improvements on Adelaide Street.

Cultural Centre Precinct

The Cultural Centre Precinct is the centrepiece for Queensland’s arts portfolio, hosting internationally and locally recognised performances and exhibitions. It provides a critical link between South Brisbane and the CBD, and is an important destination for tourists and visitors alike.

Brisbane Metro will deliver the following benefits in the Cultural Centre Precinct:

  • an upgraded Cultural Centre surface station, with sufficient capacity to support efficient Metro and bus operations up to 10 years post completion of Stage 1
  • significant public realm improvements on Melbourne Street and Grey Street, including a world-class gateway to the Cultural Forecourt
  • improving cycling connections along Melbourne Street and Grey Street
  • enhanced pedestrian amenity and safety in the Cultural Centre Precinct, and along Melbourne and Grey Street, by removing obstructions, widening footpaths, and the removal of general vehicle traffic on Melbourne Street between Victoria Bridge and Grey Street
  • new landscaping to maximise shade and amenity in the precinct
  • a new crossing on Grey Street between Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) and South Brisbane railway station
  • a four-way signalised intersection at Melbourne and Grey Street, providing pedestrian movements in all directions, including between QPAC and the Queensland Museum, which is not currently possible
  • relocating the Cultural Centre station lifts to improve public realm and maintaining equitable access.

Victoria Bridge

  • Converting Victoria Bridge to a ‘green bridge’ including three lanes for Metro and bus services, a dedicated bi-directional cycle path and improved pedestrian path widths
  • Working with stakeholders to investigate the suitability of a shade solution for Victoria Bridge

Removal of general traffic from Victoria Bridge represents a unique opportunity to provide a prioritised public and active transport corridor, connecting the CBD and South Brisbane.

As part of Council's plan to deliver improved public realm and active transport connection, Victoria Bridge has been planned to be closed to general traffic since early 2016 and Council acknowledges this change will affect people in different ways. Engagement with the community and key stakeholders will occur ahead of the closure of general traffic to ensure community awareness and sufficient time for changes in travel behaviours.

Adelaide Street and North Quay

  • Constructing a new tunnel underneath Adelaide Street using a bored tunnelling solution to minimise disruption to businesses, pedestrians and commuters
  • Upgrading the streetscape along Adelaide Street from Edward Street to the Victoria Bridge in line with Council's Adelaide Street Vision. This will include upgraded footpaths and bus stops, new landscaping, street furniture and lighting
  • Improving public realm at North Quay by constructing a new river viewing deck and improving pedestrian and cycle connections
Last updated: 8 June 2020