Pullenvale Ward (western suburbs) public transport research

Brisbane City Council has undertaken research in the western Pullenvale Ward suburbs of Moggill, Anstead, Bellbowrie, Karana Downs, Mount Crosby, Pullenvale and Pinjarra Hills to understand the community's expectations and views about using public transport.

While public transport is usually a Queensland Government responsibility, Council is a major investor in the city bus and personalised public transport networks. Council is committed to creating an accessible, connected city and getting you home quicker and safer with more transport options.

Research summary

This table includes research summary information for the Pullenvale Ward (western suburbs) public transport research project.
Location Anstead, Bellbowrie, Karana Downs, Moggill, Mount Crosby, Pinjarra Hills, Pullenvale
Ward Pullenvale
Research outcomes Identify opportunities to improve public transport services in the western Pullenvale Ward suburbs
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About the research

Council understands the travel needs of Brisbane's residents and visitors are constantly changing and has undertaken community research to understand the community's views and experiences using public transport services in Anstead, Bellbowrie, Karana Downs, Moggill, Mount Crosby, Pinjarra Hills and Pullenvale to ensure the services still meet community needs. These services include:

  • route P443 (Moggill to City — pre-paid fare Rocket)
  • route 444 (Moggill to City BUZ)
  • Karana Downs Personalised Public Transport (PPT) service.

As part of this research, Council has asked the community to share how, why, when and where they travel (both to and from), as well as the kinds of services that could be of benefit to the community. This information was collected to help Council identify if any changes could be considered to better meet this community's public transport needs.

In considering any service improvements, Council considers opportunities to improve the integration between the PPT services and the bus network, and the best transfer locations for customers.

Changes to infrastructure, including bus stops, bus interchanges, or road networks, were not part of this research. The research did not consider the public transport fare structure, which is the responsibility of TransLink, a division of Queensland Government. Aspects of routes that have impacts outside the western suburbs of Pullenvale Ward were also out of scope of this research.

Research outcomes

Council has analysed the feedback provided to identify opportunities to improve the public transport services in the western Pullenvale Ward suburbs. As TransLink is the overarching authority for public transport in Queensland, Council has provided TransLink with recommendations to improve the public transport offering for the community.

For more information about the research outcomes and recommendations, view the Western Pullenvale Ward Consultation Outcomes Report (Word - 2.46Mb).

TransLink has considered the recommendations put forward by Council. However, since the research outcomes and recommendations were put to TransLink, the coronavirus pandemic has eventuated, which has had a significant impact on patronage, fare revenue and travel patterns.

Options submitted to TransLink for funding and consideration TransLink’s response
Additional PM peak frequency P443 services departing the city to support CBD commuters TransLink has considered the changing travel patterns and lower than usual levels of patronage and revenue in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. In this context, TransLink is not currently able to further invest in additional PM peak period P443 services at this time.

Request TransLink to improve non-Council public transport functions including:

  • insertion of the PPTs into the TransLink fare structure and Journey Planner
  • better public transport connections from Karana Downs and Mt Crosby to Karalee Shops and Dinmore train station
  • improved park and ride facilities.

A detailed investigation will be undertaken following implementation of the Smart Ticketing project, to understand how this could be achieved.

Recent park 'n' ride utilisation surveys undertaken by Queensland Government suggest that there is spare capacity at some existing park 'n' ride facilities in Pullenvale such as the Kenmore bus facility. As such, park 'n ride expansion in this area is not considered a priority at this time.

For more information about TransLink's responses visit TransLink or phone TransLink on 13 12 30.

9-month trial of hail and ride Personalised Public Transport Service

From Tuesday 6 October 2020, Council commenced a 9-month trial of a hail-and-ride Personalised Public Transport service to travel from:

Throughout this trial, Council analysed the patronage loadings and investment performance. Regrettably, the patronage carried on the PPT during the trial was not sufficient to sustain the service following the completion of the trial. For this reason, on Wednesday 30 June 2021 the PPT service will be replaced with a revised service.

New 6-month trial of hail and ride Personalised Transport Service

From Thursday 1 July 2021 as part of Council’s on-going commitment to providing an efficient integrated and accessible public transport network for Brisbane, Council will commence a revised 6-month Moggill to Bellbowrie hail-and-ride Personalised Public Transport service travelling from Moggill to Moggill Coles and Bellbowrie Plaza to support commuters not well serviced by conventional modes of public transport.

For more information about the route and timetable for this new PPT service, visit Personalised Public Transport.

Council will be monitoring the operation and customer use and will assess the outcome of the PPT trial to determine whether it will continue.

More information

For more information about this research:

For more information about planning a journey via public transport, visit TransLink or phone TransLink on 13 12 30.

Last updated: 22 June 2021