A fresh look at interclass competitions

children on scooters

Interclass competitions that are well-run and widely promoted are key for getting students excited and involved; encouraging students to contribute to class pride by actively travelling to school.

As well as awarding the trophy to the winning class on assembly, here are some other ways you can enhance and promote the competition within your school community:


  1. Run your competition like a footy tipping competition, with classes accumulating points throughout the year. Display a ‘ladder’ so students see where there class is placed.
  2. Offer a prize at the end of each term or year for the best performing class or conduct a random draw of the winning classes. Prize could include ice blocks, pizza party, swimming time or lunchtime movie.
  3. Follow the same categories as our Golden Boot competition for a greater chance to win each month e.g. most cyclists, most walkers.
  4. Announce the winning class each week via your social media channels and in your school newsletter so families are aware of the competition.
  5. Conduct a house competition rather than a class competition if that’s more effective or appropriate for your school.

Your AST Officer has lots of ideas on how to run an awesome interclass competition, so contact them for more information.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019