Active School Travel promotion

Regular promotion of your achievements and AST events is essential for a successful program in your school. There are many ways to communicate with your school community. A few ideas are listed below.

  • Have a regular spot in the school newsletter to announce the winner of your class competition, provide details of upcoming events, and show photos of students actively travelling
  • Use your school’s social media to share photos. Add the hashtag #activeschooltravel and your posts may be included on the Brisbane City Council AST webpage
  • If you have a school app, use push notifications to remind families of your active travel day and special events
  • Have a regular AST slot on assembly and include a way for the students to see their class statistics and how close they are to winning
  • Ask teachers to talk about the benefits of actively travelling when collecting the data on your active travel day, as well as reminding the students on the day prior
  • Put reminders on your school variable message board.

Stuck for ideas? Ask your AST Officer for more promotion suggestions. 

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019