Active travel and Father's Day

Father and son on bikes

Schools around the city celebrated Fathers’ Day in September with dads joining their children to actively travel to school.

In perfecting the art of integrating Active School Travel (AST) into everyday school life, Mayfield State School at Carina encouraged fathers to walk, cycle, scooter, car pool or catch the bus to school with their children to celebrate Fathers’ Day.

Mayfield students greeted their active fathers with a barbeque breakfast and then opened every classroom to dads for the first 30 minutes of school. It gave many fathers who may not normally have a chance to see the classroom in action, an insight into the school day.

Holland Park State School also celebrated Fathers’ Day by rewarding dads who actively travelled with their children with a coffee voucher at a local café.

How can you encourage a whole range of family members to actively travel together more?

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019