AST maps hit the streets

children with map

Each year, the Active School Travel team creates customised active travel maps for new schools on the AST program. The map makes it easy for parents, students and staff to find their best walking, riding or public transport routes to school.

Schools are hosting many different events and activities to launch their active travel maps. They include Parking & Striding along their identified routes, scavenger hunts, chalk trails along footpaths, hashtag challenges where students post photos of their walk to school on social media and word puzzles using the word 'active' – find things starting with each letter of the word on your journey to school.

All schools will also receive a large, laminated version of their map to display in a prominent place in the school grounds, or teachers can use it in class lessons.

Remember to include the map in all your school orientation kits and put a PDF version on your school website, school newsletter and social media.

 How are you promoting your active travel map?

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019