Beat the plateau

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Some schools can find it challenging to maintain or increase their active travel statistics. If your school is struggling, the best thing to do is to keep the lines of communication open. 

Why not make Active School Travel (AST) a permanent part of your school newsletter to show the school community that AST is part of your school’s culture? You could also ask parent representatives to give a weekly reminder to each class.

Mitchelton State School suggests that you share your statistics with every class and their parents. That way the whole school community knows how their own participation in active travel days contributes to improving the numbers for the school. It also gives teachers a chance to use these statistics in their classroom activities – it’s great for a Maths class!

If you notice your numbers reducing, a celebration or theme day is an excellent way to create some excitement. It doesn’t have to cost money. You could have a silly sock day, bling your helmet/hat day or a dress up day and award a prize for the best ones.

A great job for committee members is to source some prizes from local businesses. Some schools have even formed community partnerships with local businesses that have provided vouchers for things like juice and movies.

Senior students may even like to have a pedometer challenge with weekly, monthly and/or term prizes. If you would like a couple of prize packs with AST merchandise contact your AST Officer. 

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019