Car pooling is a great idea

Pool It

Most cars travelling to and from school have only one passenger. So why not try carpooling to reduce traffic congestion, make the streets around schools safer as well as cut down on the amount of pollution our children breathe?

Car pooling has lots of benefits. Sharing a lift to or from school will save you time, money, and wear and tear on the family car. Many of our families live very close to each other, often in the same street. Lots of families also have children in the same sporting or music groups. Teaming up with other parents to share the load just makes sense.

Talk to your friends and neighbours to see if there are any opportunities for car pooling. Talk to other parents within your school community today. Schools, why not promote a special “find a car pool buddy” week to encourage and give parents permission to find someone to share the load with?

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019