Create your Active School Travel maps launch

Creating an innovative launch for your school’s involvement in the Active School Travel program is a great way to encourage students to use their active travel maps.

Mayfield State School, a previous winner of the School of the Year award, celebrated the launch of their new active travel map in a fun and practical way by holding an active travel clue hunt.

Students used their colourful map to navigate the streets of Carina as they gathered clues along the suggested active travel routes. Letters on the footpaths spelled out code words and students who knew the code word when they arrived at school received a reward.

Bright, colourful local area maps provided to every school involved and suggest active travel routes for families to follow. Bike paths, crossings, bus stops, playgrounds, shops and other places of local interest are also highlighted. 

To help your school get started on the program and encourage students to use their active travel maps, your dedicated AST Officer can provide ideas tailored to your school community.

How is your school encouraging students to use their active travel maps? Share your story with us.

Last updated:13 May 2019