Cycling boom in our schools

Children on cycles in Brisbane

June’s Golden Boot was awarded to the school with the highest percentage of students who had cycled to school.

Three schools, who normally have 10-15% of students cycling, nearly doubled their cycling participation rates in June. Everton Park, Payne Road and Shorncliffe State Schools recorded over 20% of students cycling. So, how did they do it?

Everton Park State School won the Golden Boot with a staggering 32% of their students riding their bikes to school in June. One of the keys to their success is the school’s large triathlon club which encouraged students to ride their bike on their active travel day and use it for training in the afternoon. The school is also a proud member of the Tangalooma Eco Marines program and they incorporate Active School Travel (AST) into their sustainability philosophy.

Payne Road State School were close behind with 27% of students riding to school. While the Tour de France was underway in Europe, Payne Road ran their own ‘Tour de Payne’ time trials, which was a huge lunchtime success. They also gave double stamps for students who cycled to school in the month of June.

Shorncliffe State School finished third with 24% of students cycling to school. Shorncliffe effectively promoted a range of cycling activities to encourage more students to ride to school, including ‘Bling Your Bike’.

We are looking forward to seeing how our schools celebrate Scootember this month!

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019