Ekka celebrations at Sherwood State School

Sherwood State School brought the country to the city as students sang on their way to school to celebrate the Ekka. Choir teacher and Active School Travel (AST) Committee member, Rebecca Starr, played the banjo as she led a group walk from Strickland Terrace Park. Over 40 students, teachers and parents (many dressed in checks and boots) were walking, riding and singing to school passing by paddocks on a very scenic walk.

Meanwhile on the other side of Sherwood, Physical Education Teacher and AST Committee member, David Haas, was leading his regular Wednesday Walkers from Sherwood Arboretum to school. The Sherwood Arboretum is heritage-listed with more than 1000 trees.

Sherwood State School are doing a fantastic job incorporating their local environment and school programs and events to promote and encourage active travel. Don’t forget to check your AST annual calendar of events for more great ideas to keep active travel interesting and fun!

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019