How to win the Golden Boot

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All Active School Travel (AST) schools compete in our monthly interschool competition for the prestigious Golden Boot Award and trophy. There are two Golden Boot Awards - one for first year schools and another for second and third year schools. The winning criteria changes each month to ensure all schools have an opportunity to win. 

Take a look at the monthly Golden Boot Awards 2018 table and identify the months your school might have a good chance to win. Host an event relevant to the monthly Golden Boot category (e.g. a cycling event in July) to help boost your figures.

Use this table to find the month and associated criteria for the Golden Boot Awards for 2018. Golden Boot Awards 2018
Month Criteria
March Highest active travel
April Most improved from baseline
May Highest walking percentage (Walk Safely to School Day)
June Highest public transport percentage 
July Highest cycling percentage
August Highest car pooling percentage
September Highest scootering percentage
October Most improved from baseline - schools under 600 students
November Most improved from baseline - schools over 600 students

Along with the Golden Boot award, the winning school each month receives a $100 Harts sports voucher.

To be in the running for the monthly Golden Boot award, all schools must have their statistics spreadsheet submitted at the end of each month.

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Last updated:24 October 2019