Keep the momentum in your second and third year

School children jumping

The first year of your AST journey is usually the most challenging. You have introduced a new culture into your school seeking travel behaviour change. This change isn’t easy to achieve and usually, it is concentrated efforts over at least two years that will see new habits and a measurable difference.  

There are easy strategies to engage and to keep and build on your momentum. Celebration or theme days are an excellent way to create some excitement, as well as remind families to regularly actively travel to school. It doesn’t have to cost anything, you can have a ‘Silly Sock Day’ or ‘Bling Your Thing’ and award small prizes for the most creative.

Keep the class competition competitive by sharing the class statistics at school assembly. Studies show that when a group or individuals can see that they are only behind by a few spots, they usually try harder to reach that goal as it’s very achievable. Teachers can also be competitive, so this could be a great strategy to build some healthy competition.

Introduce major incentives for regular active travellers, such as an end of year reward of a bike or scooter.

Talk to your AST Officer about how you can continue with the great progress you’ve made so far.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019