Launch events in 2019

Active School Travel Launch

Congratulations to the 17 new schools in 2019 that recently launched Active School Travel in their communities! 

This term, students, teachers, parents and carers enjoyed energetic assembly performances from the Active Travel Crew. They visited schools to explain the ‘nuts and bolts’ and ‘how to’ of Active School Travel. 

These fun assembly performances were followed by each school’s first active travel day, where all families were encouraged to leave the car at home and actively travel to school. Schools celebrated in a whole range of ways! Some schools hosted a community breakfast on their first day, or coordinated walking and riding groups. Sherwood State School students wore their crazy socks on a group walk to school led by the school choir. Everyone loved singing along with the specially chosen, and very appropriately named song, ‘Laughing, Singing (Go the Children Over the Hill)’.   

Effective promotion is the key to creating amazing active travel days and is important to the long-term success of the program. Ask your AST Officer for an active travel day factsheet for plenty of ideas, as well as newsletter and social media content that your school can use.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019