Launch season

Active School Travel program Brisbane

Congratulations to the 15 new schools that launched the Active School Travel program (AST) in 2018.

Preparing and starting Active School Travel can sometimes seem challenging for first year schools, but an AST Officer can advise, guide and coach participating schools every step of the way. As second and third year schools know, it is inspiring to see the school community pull together and choose new travel habits.

In term 1, students from participating AST schools have seen an assembly performance which explained the ‘nuts and bolts’ and ‘how-tos’ of Active School Travel. This was followed by the first active travel day, where all families were encouraged to leave the car at home and actively travel to school. Your school may have also held a community breakfast or coordinated walking groups.

Effective promotion is the key to amazing active travel days and for the long-term success of the program. Ask your AST Officer for our active travel day fact sheet for lots of ideas, as well as newsletter and social media content that your school can use to promote active school travel.

Look out for the customised active school travel maps for new schools which will be distributed in Term 2.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019