Reward your stars

Exceptional active travel efforts should be rewarded, and we do just that with our Active School Travel awards – The Golden Boot and The Class Star.

The Golden Boot award is a monthly competition in which all our active travel schools compete. The winning categories change each month to give all schools a chance at winning the coveted award. Categories include the highest percentage of active travellers, most improved from the previous month and highest percentage of walkers. The winner of the Golden Boot has the privilege of displaying the trophy in their school for the month, as well as winning a great prize.  

The Class Star award is used for an interclass competition in your school. Your AST Officer will provide a trophy and all you need to provide is some incentive to your classes! You can hold this competition each week, fortnight, or each month. It’s all up to you. You can use the same categories as our Golden Boot competition or keep it simple and award it to the class with the most active travellers. Your AST Officer can provide advice and guidance on how to run a successful competition, as well as examples of what other schools are doing.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019