School of the Year 2018

Brisbane Lord Mayro School of the Year

Congratulations to the 2018 School of the Year, Everton Park State School, who motivate an average of 73% of their student population to actively travel every week. That equates to nearly 400 students hitting the footpaths each week!

Everton Park won the Golden Boot four times in 2018 for most improved school in cycling and car pooling, and for most improved school from baseline (under 600 students). They choose not to use individual rewards and passports and instead chose to recognise classes from different sectors of the school with trophies awarded to those who perform best against the monthly goal.

Teachers are also integral to Everton Park’s success. Teachers of winning classes are rewarded by being relieved of their lunchtime duty. They’ve also incorporated Active School Travel (AST) into the EcoMarine Ambassador’s role and their triathlon club, with sustainability as the key driver.

Parents are very involved and report that they love the opportunity to walk to school with their children – isn’t that the best reward?

Despite the school being high on a hill and on a main road into Brisbane's Central Business District (CBD), Everton Park still averaged over 70% of students actively travelling each week.

Congratulations Everton Park State School – keep up the great work!

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Last updated:24 October 2019