Stay active these holidays

child on rollerblades brisbane

Bikes, scooters and inline skates are a great way to get around over the school holidays, but it's important to use your road safety skills when you're out and about.

Top tips for safe active travel in the holidays

  1. With lots of people using Brisbane's shared pathways over the holiday season, remember that shared paths are used by both pedestrians and cyclists. Keep your eye out for pathway signs and give way to pedestrians when using your scooter or bike.
  2. Use a bike lane, bikeway or shared path if possible, when riding your bike. Don't forget that you must wear your helmet at all times!
  3. If using a scooter or inline skates, stay to the left of the road or path and give way to cyclists.

Following these top tips for safe travel will help everyone get around safely this summer.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019