Using your active travel map

The Active School Travel (AST) team creates customised active travel maps for each school in the AST program. The map makes it easy for parents, students and staff to find their best walking, riding or public transport route to school. All first year AST schools can expect to receive their maps early in Term 3.

The maps provide a detailed view around each AST school, highlighting walking and riding paths, crossings, bus stops, parks and other local points of interest.

If you have to drive to school because you live too far away, there are suggested active travel routes to encourage you to park outside the six to eight minute radius from the school gate and to walk or ride the remainder of the way to school. Part way is okay!

With a magnet on the back, the new maps are designed to be kept on your fridge at home as a visual reminder of your active travel options. The maps are compact enough to take with you and keep in your bag. Families may want to use the map on the weekend to better discover their neighbourhood.

A fact sheet full of ideas on how to promote these maps is available from your Active School Travel officer.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019