Active School Travel blog

6 July 2016

Corporate partners can play a vital role in boosting AST, providing funding, in-kind support and other goods and services to help supplement your school’s activities.

28 June 2016

It’s super important to be super safe when actively travelling, and that’s exactly the message our AST Crew gives kids through our new Road Safety assembly performance.

5 April 2016

Interclass competitions that are well-run and widely promoted are key for getting students excited and involved; encouraging students to contribute to class pride by actively travelling to school.

21 March 2016

All behaviour change programs need pre and post-intervention data to measure the success that they have achieved, and Active School Travel is no different!

12 February 2016

Exceptional active travel efforts should be rewarded, and we do just that with our Active School Travel awards – The Golden Boot and The Class Star.

24 September 2015

Spring is here and that means the cold mornings have gone and the cold and flu season is finished. Spring is perfect time to walk, scoot or cycle to from school and that is why we are calling it our ‘no excuses’ season.

17 July 2015

Getting the active travel message across to diverse communities can sometimes be a challenge. Identifying barriers and opportunities to deliver your message is key to running a successful AST program.

17 July 2015

Victoria Walks report Influencing Children’s Health: Critical Windows for Intervention looks at the key moments for developing healthy habits in children and adolescents.

19 June 2015

Brisbane Central State School has joined the Active School Travel 100% Club. Schools can join the club by having every class member from one class actively travel to and from school on a designated day Congratulations to all the students in 3Z as well as their teacher, Gemma Zielke, and Principal, Graham Rickuss. 


Last updated:15 April 2019