Moggill Road and Coonan Street intersection upgrade – Indooroopilly

Brisbane City Council has identified the Moggill Road and Coonan Street intersection at Indooroopilly as a location for a future upgrade to improve safety and reduce congestion.

Council is pleased to announce that following community consultation, a design option has been selected for the upgrade of the Moggill Road and Coonan Street intersection. 

Project summary

Address Moggill Road and Coonan Street intersection, Indooroopilly
Ward Walter Taylor
Project objectives Improve safety and accessibility and reduce congestion
Project plans

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Latest news

Preliminary design underway following community consultation in September and October 2019

About the project

Moggill Road and Coonan Street are two major arterial roads intersecting in a semi-controlled roundabout at Indooroopilly. The roads link Brisbane's outer west and south-western suburbs and the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD). 

The intersection caters for high traffic volumes and experiences significant congestion in peak hour periods, with:

  • 38,000 vehicles per day to the west of Moggill Road
  • 47,000 vehicles per day to the east of Moggill Road
  • 25,000 vehicles per day along Coonan Street.

Major queuing is experienced on approaches to the intersection, resulting in delays for all road users.

The intersection has a high crash history, with 32 recorded incidents between 2013-18, resulting in 10 hospitalisations and 17 requiring medical treatment.

The Moggill Road and Coonan Street corridors border commercial, retail and residential land area. The intersection also has limited pedestrian and active transport connectivity and accessibility.

The intersection will continue to provide a critical link to adjoining suburbs, the CBD and broader Brisbane for all transport modes, supporting commercial and residential development in the area.

Ensuring the intersection can cater for future traffic demands is critical, as well as providing safe and accessible transport options for all road users.

Community feedback

Council sought feedback on two concept design options to significantly improve safety at the intersection. Council met with the local community and key stakeholders and received overwhelming support to upgrade the intersection.

Approximately 82 per cent of feedback received during the project’s consultation phase, including at two public information sessions, supported the construction of an overpass (Option B). This option provides greater travel time savings to reduce congestion and can cater to existing and future traffic demand.

During the community consultation process Council listened to feedback from residents and stakeholders wanting to maintain the left turn access into Stamford Road. Council is pleased to announce that a revised overpass design to retain left turn access from Moggill Road into Stamford Road has been developed. This revised overpass option will now proceed to the preliminary and detailed design phases.

The feedback received as part of the consultation on the concept design will be included in the business case for the project.

Council appreciates all the feedback that has been provided by local residents and looks forward to continuing to work with the community in the development of this important project. Feedback is invited from the community throughout all stages of the project. Council will seek further community feedback once the detailed design is developed.

Project video

Watch the project video to learn about this stage of the project. Read supporting information for this project video. You can also watch this video in Council's YouTube account.

Project benefits

Once complete, community benefits include:

  • significantly improved safety for road users and pedestrians at the intersection and nearby streets
  • the overpass will improve traffic flow and reduce travel times. Commuters will save approximately 43 seconds along Moggill Road travelling inbound during the AM peak, and approximately 26 seconds outbound in the PM peak
  • better connected footpaths will improve pedestrian access for local residents and people travelling through the area
  • new on road bicycle lanes along Moggill Road will be installed and Council is investigating options for a cyclist connection between the intersection and the Walter Taylor bridge and the future Indooroopilly Riverwalk
  • Council is investigating additional upgrades to the local road networks, including at the Coonan Street and Allwood Street/Belgrave Street intersection and the Coonan Street and Westminster Road intersection.

Project features

The project will involve:

  • constructing an overpass that takes Coonan Street over Moggill Road, allowing through traffic on Moggill Road to flow freely
  • upgrading the existing Moggill Road service road, to connect the Coonan Street overpass with Moggill Road
  • changing access at Keating Street to remove the right turn in and out, to improve safety
  • changing access at Payne Street to remove the left turn in, to improve safety and traffic flow on Moggill Road
  • changing access at Nelson Parade to a no-through road, due to poor sight lines for merging vehicles and existing road constraints
  • providing new on road bike lanes along Moggill Road, between Payne Street and Indooroopilly Shopping Centre
  • providing additional sections of footpath through the project area
  • retain left turn access from Moggill Road into Stamford Road.

Investigation works 

In late 2019, Council undertook detailed investigation works in the area surrounding the intersection, to provide further information on the design options released in September 2019.

The investigations involved topographic, service locating and geotechnical surveys on Moggill Road, from Station Road to Swann Road, and on Coonan Street, from Moggill Road to, and including, the Westminster Road intersection.

Council will provide local residents and businesses advance notice of any further investigation works required as the project design progresses.

Project documents

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More information

If you have any questions or would like further information about the project, you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 010 705 during business hours
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 outside of business hours
  • register for updates online
  • email the project team
  • write to:
    Moggill Road and Coonan Street intersection upgrade
    City Projects
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001.
Last updated:11 March 2020