Telegraph Road corridor upgrade fly-through video - supporting information

This page provides supporting information for the Telegraph Road corridor upgrade – Stage 2 project fly-through video.

Supporting information

The fly-through video shows a three-dimensional animated model of the Telegraph Road corridor upgrade – Stage 2 project located within Bracken Ridge after the upgrade has been completed.

The fly-through begins at the Open Level Crossing (OLC) and travels east, traversing across both the Telegraph Road Stage 1A project (OLC to Norris Road) and Telegraph Road Stage 1B project (Norris Road to Mustang Street). It shows the new median which separates the eastbound lanes from the westbound lanes which have both been widened from one lane to two lanes in each direction.  

As the fly-through continues east along Telegraph Road, nearing the upgraded Denham Street intersection, the video shows additional turning lanes and a new u-turn facility for motorists wishing to travel westbound.

Also visible on the left-hand side is the new on-road bicycle lane and footpath. As the fly-through crosses over the Denham Street intersection, it shows the new safety fence installed in the centre median.

As the fly-through approaches the new intersection at Telegraph, Lemke and Depot Roads, it again shows the widening of the road, which allows for additional turning lanes for motorists wanting to turn-right onto Lemke Road. The fly-through then crosses over onto Depot Road, revealing a new left-hand turn lane for motorists wanting to turn left onto Quinlan Street. It also reveals a new u-turn facility provided at Quinlan Street for motorists travelling westbound, who wish to travel eastbound.

The fly-through then changes to a southbound direction, showing the upgraded Depot Road pedestrian and cyclist underpass. The fly-through then travels southbound along Depot Road, revealing the new shared path which travels along the southern side of both Depot and Telegraph Roads. It also shows the new on-road bicycle lane which travels along the southern side of Depot and Telegraph Roads.

As it travels southbound on Depot Road, the fly-through then turns left onto Lemke Road, showcasing the new intersection and the signalised pedestrian crossings. The fly-through then travels in a southern direction on Lemke Road, showing the new shared path on the right-hand side of the road, and the new footpath on the left-hand side of the road. It also shows the on-road bike lane on the left-hand side of the road.

The fly-through ends with a final view of Lemke Road looking north bound.

Last updated:8 May 2019