Kingsford Smith Drive Riverwalk

Brisbane City Council is pleased to announce the new Kingsford Smith Drive Riverwalk is now open, providing a great place to walk, run and cycle while taking in the beautiful views.

The 1.2 kilometre Riverwalk is a standout feature of the Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade and provides a new landmark for Brisbane, stretching from Bretts Wharf in the east to Cameron Rocks Reserve in the west.

The Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade is much more than just a road project. As a major gateway to the city for tourists, visitors and residents, Kingsford Smith Drive is being transformed into a vibrant urban corridor that maximises public access to the river and reinforces Brisbane’s identity as a new world city.

Constructed along the Brisbane River at Hamilton, the Riverwalk provides a dedicated two-metre wide riverside pedestrian path separated from a three-metre wide, two-way off-road cycle path.

More than 5800 cubic metres of concrete was used in piling for the new structure, enough to fill more than two Olympic swimming pools, while nearly 120 pre-cast concrete panels have been used to cantilever the Riverwalk over the water.

The Riverwalk is the latest addition to the city’s world-class active transport network, offering users unique views of the iconic Brisbane River and CBD, and enabling residents and visitors to explore the area’s vibrant dining, boutique shopping and retail precincts.

Riverwalk video 

Take a look at the new Kingsford Smith Drive Riverwalk. Now open, the new landmark is creating new lifestyle and leisure opportunities for Brisbane residents. You can also view this video on Council’s YouTube channel.

Time lapse video

Council has released two time lapse videos showing construction of the new Kingsford Smith Drive Riverwalk from June 2016 to December 2018 and footage of a cyclist travelling along the route from Bretts Wharf to Cameron Rocks Reserve. You can also view this time lapse footage on Council’s YouTube channel.


View photos of the new Kingsford Smith Drive Riverwalk. Now open with separated cycle and pedestrian paths and dedicated rest areas capturing views towards the CBD and Portside. Alternatively, you can view the images in the Kingsford Smith Drive Riverwalk album in Council’s Flickr account.

Kingsford Smith Drive River Walk
Last updated:20 May 2019
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