Wynnum Road corridor upgrade Stage 1b fly-through video - supporting information

This page provides supporting information for the Wynnum Road corridor upgrade Stage 1b fly-through video.

Supporting information

The fly-through video shows drone footage with animations to highlight the proposed features for the Wynnum Road corridor upgrade Stage 1b project, East Brisbane.

The fly-through begins at the intersection of Wynnum Road and Riding Road and moves south along Bennetts Road. It shows the inbound bus stop at Balmoral Cemetery and intersection improvements at the intersection of Bennetts Road and Wynnum Road to support the extended bus jump lane. The bus jump is shown in the fly-through to start at this intersection and move along Wynnum Road until Hipwood Street. The fly-through continues west to the intersection of Hawthorne Road, showing the inbound bus stop in this location. The fly-through then continues to move west showing where the U-turn facility at Kingsbury Street will be improved.

The video continues along Wynnum Road stopping to show that there will be no right-turn in and out of Overend Street and Norman Crescent. Further along Wynnum Road, toward the city, the intersection of Norman Avenue is shown to be upgraded as part of Stage 1b, including extending the right-turn pocket and adding a new u-turn facility. An indented bus stop is shown in the outbound lane near this intersection.

The fly-through continues west and shows no right-turn in and out of Gillan Street and shows the connection with Canning Bridge and the Stage 1 project area, which is from Latrobe Street to Canning Bridge in East Brisbane.

Last updated: 8 May 2019
Topics: morningside