Hamilton Road and Staib Road intersection upgrade

Brisbane City Council is planning to upgrade the intersection of Hamilton Road and Staib Road in Chermside to improve overall intersection operation and safety for all road users.

Project summary

Summary of the Hamilton Road and Staib Road intersection upgrade
Address Hamilton Road (at The Prince Charles Hospital), Chermside
Ward Marchant
Project outcomes Improved safety
Latest update Start of construction

About the project

Brisbane City Council has identified the intersection of Staib Road at Hamilton Road in Chermside as requiring an upgrade to address increased traffic volumes associated with The Prince Charles Hospital, and improve overall intersection operation and safety for all road users.

Council is investigating options for a new entry/exit from The Prince Charles Hospital via Staib Road onto Hamilton Road due to safety concerns at the existing location. An interim solution has been developed to provide safety improvements at the intersection. Council is progressing the design for the ultimate upgrade which involves new traffic lights and realignment of the intersection to create a four-way intersection of Hamilton Road, Staib Road and Western Avenue. This option is dependent on State Government funding.

Due to safety concerns, The Prince Charles Hospital installed a ‘left-turn only’ traffic sign and blocked the right-turn pocket with water barriers (August 2019) at the Staib Road exit. Motorists wishing to travel eastbound on Hamilton Road are encouraged to turn left out of the hospital grounds and use the roundabout at Webster Road.

Over the five-year period between January 2014 and December 2019, there were three crashes reported including one fatality in November 2018, and two accidents requiring medical treatment.

Project scope

The interim upgrade will formalise the current left-in and left-out intersection at Staib Road, Hamilton Road and Zenith Street and include:

  • modifying line marking on Staib Road and Zenith Avenue to enforce a left-in and left-out only movement
  • modifying and extending the centre median to the east along Hamilton Road to enforce left-out only movements
  • upgrading the splitter island on Staib Road to accommodate only the left-in and left-out movements
  • upgrading the no stopping lines to formalise no parking areas.

The ultimate upgrade proposes to move the hospital access at Staib Road to the west of the current intersection, creating a four-way signal-controlled intersection aligned with Western Avenue. This option is dependent on State Government funding allocation.

Project timing

Interim upgrade:

  • Construction – Late November to December 2020.

Ultimate upgrade:

  • Preliminary design – mid-2021
  • Construction will depend on securing a 50/50 funding agreement with the State Government.

Project benefits

Once complete, the upgrade will improve safety for all road users and will help cater to current and future traffic demands along this busy corridor.

More information

If you would like to provide comments, ask questions or find out more about the Hamilton Road and Staib Road intersection upgrade, you can:

  • call the project team on 1800 884 681
  • call council on 07 3403 8888
  • email the project team
  • write to:
    Hamilton road and staib road intersection upgrade
    City projects
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane QLD 4001
Last updated: 26 October 2020