Montague Road and Victoria Street intersection upgrade project - West End

Brisbane City Council is upgrading the Montague Road and Victoria Street intersection at West End to improve safety and access for all road users.

Project summary

This table provides project summary information for the Montague Road and Victoria Street intersection upgrade project.
Address Montague Road and Victoria Street, West End
Ward The Gabba
Project outcomes Improved safety
Latest update Early works - from mid-April 2020

About the project

The Montague Road and Victoria Street intersection has been identified as a location within the local road network that requires an upgrade to improve intersection operation, safety and access for all road users and cater for current and future demand.

The Montague Road and Victoria Street intersection caters to a high volume of vehicles, buses, cyclists and pedestrians and provides an important connection to the local shops, businesses and residential areas. The intersection carries approximately 16,000 vehicles, 270 cyclists and 1850 pedestrians each day. The high volume of traffic and turning movements through the intersection make it difficult to find a gap for pedestrians to cross Montague Road.

The intersection has recorded a total of five crashes between July 2014 and June 2019, which resulted in one hospitalisation and four requiring medical treatment.

As part of the project, the speed limit on Montague Road has been permanently reduced from 60 to 50km/h, between Vulture Street and Drake Street, with appropriate signage in place from 28 February 2020. This aligns with the existing 50km/h zone on Montague Road, from Drake Street to Hill End Terrace.

The Montague Road and Victoria Street intersection upgrade project is jointly funded by the Council and the Australian Government as part of the Australian Government's Roads to Recovery program.

The project is also part of Council's $1.3 billion commitment for more than 90 road improvement projects, to take real action on congestion, by focusing on a range of solutions to improve the existing road network, getting residents home quicker and safer.

Project details

The project will upgrade the current priority-controlled intersection to a signalised intersection with controlled pedestrian crossings.

The Montague Road and Victoria Street intersection upgrade works will involve:

  • installing traffic lights with signal-controlled pedestrian crossings over Montague Road and the western leg of Victoria Street
  • installing a new indented bus bay for the inbound CityGlider bus services
  • widening the road to install a right-turn lane, southbound on Montague Road, for access into Victoria Street
  • installing on-road cycle facilities on Montague Road through the intersection
  • lowering the crest on Montague Road through the intersection to improve sight lines
  • relocating public utility services
  • constructing new footpaths and kerb ramps
  • tree removal and landscaping.

To facilitate the upgrade, Council has identified a number of street trees to be removed in the area surrounding the intersection. Tree removal is required to ensure safe sight lines for all road users approaching the intersection and to allow for the road widening on Montague Road and changes to the road and footpath levels due to the upgrade. Vegetation removal will be offset in accordance with Council's policies and relevant legislative requirements.

Council has identified six car parks (five informal and one metered) to be removed in order to facilitate the installation of traffic signals and indented bus bay for inbound services.

Download the project plan in your preferred format:

Early works

A number of utility services will need to be relocated in preparation for the start of construction. These works will be undertaken in the area surrounding the intersection by the service provider and involve Energex, Telstra, Queensland Urban Utilities, APA Gas, TPG and NBN.

Council does anticipate minor service outages during these works and the relevant service provider will notify local residents and businesses once dates are confirmed.

These works are scheduled to start from mid-April 2020 and are anticipated to take approximately five months to complete, weather and site conditions permitting.

Works within and across the road corridor will generally be undertaken at night between 7pm and 5am, Sunday to Thursday, for safety reasons and to minimise traffic congestion when working within the road corridor. All other works on the roadside will generally occur during the day between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

During the works, residents and businesses near the intersection may at times experience increased noise, truck movements, vibration, dust and light from mobile light towers. Council will make every effort to minimise impacts to the local community.

Temporary lane closures and detours maybe required, with traffic control in place to direct road users. Safe pedestrian access around the worksite will be maintained at all times. Montague Road and Victoria Street will remain open to traffic during the works however, motorists may experience some delays.

Council is committed to keeping local residents informed of construction activity in their area and will provide advance notification before these works commence.

Water main - temporary shutdown of water supply

As part of the service relocation works, Council will be relocating the water main at the intersection which will require a temporary shutdown of water in the local area.

In preparation to relocate the water main and install the new water main valves, a trial shutdown is planned to take place on Tuesday 26 May 2020 starting at 9pm. This will be followed by a full shutdown at a later date to complete the  works. Residents and businesses will be notified of the additional shutdown prior to the works taking place.

During the works, water supply to properties in close proximity to the intersection may be affected however, the contractor will provide an additional notice to all affected properties 48 hours prior to the shutdown.

Bus stop - temporary closure

As part of the works, bus stop #10 (inbound and outbound) on Montague Road will be temporarily closed to accommodate works being carried out on the underground services and construction of the indented bus bay.

During this time, inbound bus patrons for the 192 and CityGlider service will be directed to use bus stop #9, Montague Road at Ashington Street, located approximately 180 metres north on Montague Road. A temporary bus stop will be established for all outbound bus services and will be located approximately 100 metres south of the existing stop on Montague Road, near Harriet Street.

Due to site constraints, including the road width and frequency of driveways on Montague Road, and to ensure safety, a temporary bus stop could not be established in close proximity to the existing CityGlider stop. Signage will be displayed at bus stops to advise patrons of the change and location of alternative bus stops. This temporary arrangement will be in place until the completion of the project.

Council is indenting the outbound bus stop within the project area to reduce the impact on traffic flow and improve safety.

Project timing

The table includes the proposed timeline for this project.

This table includes the project timeline information for the project.
Dates Details
Early 2020 Detailed design complete
Mid-2020 to late 2020 Early works to relocate public utility services
Late 2020 to early 2021  Civil construction

Council will continue to keep the local community informed as the project progresses and more information is available.

Community information sessions

The project team held two community information sessions in early December 2019 to gain feedback on the design. Approximately 76 per cent of feedback received during the project’s consultation phase supported the intersection upgrade.

Council would like to thank local residents, businesses, road users and other members of the community who attended the information sessions and provided feedback on the project.

More information

If you would more information about this project, you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 669 416 during business hours
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 outside of business hours
  • email the project team
  • write to:
    Montague Road and Victoria Street intersection upgrade project
    City Projects Office
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001.
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