Commercial Road and Doggett Street intersection upgrade - Newstead

Brisbane City Council is upgrading the intersection of Commercial Road and Doggett Street in Newstead to improve overall intersection operation and safety for all road users.

Project summary

This table includes project summary information about the Commercial Road and Doggett Street intersection upgrade including address, ward, project outcomes and latest update.
Address Commercial Road and Doggett Street, Newstead
Ward Central
Project outcomes Improved safety
Latest update Out of hours works - 5 July to late July 2020

About the project

The intersection has been identified by Council as requiring safety improvements, particularly for pedestrian movements across Commercial Road due to the large volume of pedestrians in the area. In addition, a total of seven crashes were reported at the intersection between April 2013 and June 2019, which resulted in three hospitalisations, three requiring medical treatment and one minor injury.

The project involves signalising the intersection to provide controlled pedestrian crossing facilities and controlled right-turn movements for both west and eastbound traffic on Commercial Road. A right-turn lane will also be introduced on the southern approach of Doggett Street.

Due to the signalisation, there will be changes to on-street parking in the area surrounding the intersection and changes to line marking at the Longland Street and Doggett Street intersection. Additionally, bike boxes will be introduced on the Commercial Road approaches of the intersection to facilitate cycle users.

This project is jointly funded by Council and the Australian Government through the Urban Congestion Fund with a contribution of $1.7 million committed from this funding program.

Project details

Works will involve:

  • signalising the intersection and providing controlled pedestrian crossing facilities
  • extending the right-turn pocket, west and eastbound, on Commercial Road
  • installing a right-turn pocket on the southern approach of Doggett Street
  • converting Doggett Street to a one-way street for northbound traffic only, between Commercial Road and Longland Street
  • removal of four on-street parking bays on Doggett Street and six on-street parking bays on Commercial Road
  • relocation of the loading zone on Commercial Road
  • installing bike boxes on Commercial Road at the intersection
  • kerb and channel works
  • resurfacing and line marking.

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Out of hours works

Service relocation works – 5 and 6 July 2020

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) are planning to replace the temporary concrete barriers with permanent hostile vehicle management bollards around the perimeter of their building. In preparation for the start of the AFP works, Council will liaise with AFP to complete two key tasks from the AFP program.

This work involves installing the new sewer main connection on Commercial Road and installing communication conduits crossing Doggett Street. The sewer main connection is scheduled to take place at night on Sunday 5 July and Monday 6 July, 7pm to 5am, weather permitting. The contractor will aim to complete all noisy works prior to 11pm, where possible. Residents in close proximity to the site may experience construction noise, vehicle movements and light from portable light towers.

Weekend works – 11 and 12 July 2020

Pavement reconstruction works will be undertaken on Doggett Street over one weekend from 7am to 5pm on Saturday 11 July and Sunday 12 July 2020. 

Doggett Street, either side of the Commercial Road intersection, will be temporarily closed to vehicle traffic. Detours will be in place with traffic control and signage on site to assist motorists through the area. Doggett Street will reopen to vehicle traffic from 5pm Sunday 12 July. Commercial Road will remain open to all road users while these works are completed. 

General construction impacts will include:

  • temporary lane closure on Commercial Road
  • 40km/h speed limit on Commercial Road
  • vehicle movements with reversing beepers and flashing lights, 
  • construction noise associated with pavement construction, and strong odours as asphalt is laid and sets. 

Asphalt and line marking – 13 to 21 July 2020

The final stages of the upgrade will involve laying the final layer of asphalt and line marking at the intersections of Commercial Road and Doggett Street as well as Longland Street and Doggett Street. 

These works are planned to take place over seven nights from Monday 13 July to Tuesday 21 July, 7pm to 5am, weather and site conditions permitting. Due to the nature of these works, it is a requirement of the traffic permit to undertake activities at night to facilitate lane closures and ensure the safety of workers and motorists.

Residents in close proximity to the worksite may experience some temporary impacts including: 

  • construction vehicle movements with reversing alarms and flashing lights 
  • some construction noise associated with pavement construction including excavation, compaction, saw cutting and grinding activities 
  • strong odours as asphalt is laid and sets
  • intermittent road closures with detours and traffic management in place
  • temporary lane closures of Commercial Road.

Work hours

The majority of construction works will be undertaken during the day between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday. Certain critical components of the works will need to be undertaken at night and will generally take place between 7pm and 5am, Sunday to Thursday, when traffic volumes are lowest to ensure the safety of motorists and workers and to minimise traffic disruptions.

Every effort will be made to minimise disruption to the local community during this work. Council will provide advance notification of particularly noisy works or out-of-hours activities. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience during this time.

Traffic changes

Temporary lane closures will be required during construction and may include temporary removal of on street parking. Traffic controllers will be onsite to direct all road users through the area. Pedestrian access will be maintained during the works. To ensure the safety of all road users and workers, the speed limit will be reduced to 40km/h through the work zone. Additionally, residents and businesses in close proximity may experience construction vehicle movements through the area and temporary lighting from portable light towers during night works.


To facilitate the upgrade, Council has identified one street tree to be removed on the north-western corner of the intersection. All works will be carried out in accordance with the relevant environmental guidelines and Council will make every effort to minimise environmental impacts during construction. Vegetation impacts will be offset in accordance with Council policies and relevant legislative requirements.

Australian Federal Police - bollards

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) will replace the existing temporary concrete barriers with permanent bollards on the footpath in front of their building on the corner of Commercial Road and Doggett Street. This project is separate to Council's intersection upgrade.

As part of the AFP works, public utility services will need to be relocated/upgraded and include Energex, Telstra, Vocus, NBN, TPG, water and gas. Temporary service disruptions may occur however, the service provider and contractor will provide advance notification to all directly impacted properties. 

The timing for this work is yet to be finalised, however Council is working with the AFP to coordinate these works with the intersection upgrade.

Permanent road access change

Doggett Street, between Commercial Road and Longland Street, is now one-way for northbound traffic.

To accommodate the signalisation of the intersection, Doggett Street was converted to a one-way street for northbound traffic only, between Commercial Road and Longland Street. This change will improve safety on Doggett Street for all road users.

Stage 1 works were completed on Sunday 7 June and involved changing the traffic signals phasing and line marking at the intersection. Stage 2 works will take place from 13 July as part of the final asphalt and line marking and will include new pavement works, and installing a precast island with ‘no entry’ signs at the Longland Street and Doggett Street intersection.

Project timing

Construction will take place from late April 2020 to late July 2020.

More information

If you would like more information about this project, you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 884 681 during business hours
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 outside of business hours
  • email the project team
  • write to:
    Commercial Road and Doggett Street intersection upgrade
    City Projects Office
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434 
    Brisbane Qld 4001.
Last updated:30 June 2020
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