Sylvan Road peak period bike lanes - Toowong

The Sylvan Road peak period bike lane trial was delivered as part of Brisbane City Council's commitment to improving safety for road users, cyclists and active transport users.


Summary information for the Sylvan Road peak period bike lane trial including address, ward, project outcomes and latest update.
Address Sylvan Road, Toowong
Ward Toowong
Project outcomes Improved safety for all road users.
Latest update Key findings from the 12 month trial

About the project

Council has undertaken a peak period bike lane trial along Sylvan Road at Toowong to improve safety for all road users and improve cyclist traffic flow during peak times by providing at dedicated and safety space for cyclists.

Sylvan Road is a popular cycle route linking the Bicentennial Bikeway and the Centenary Bikeway and is the city's busiest on-road cycle route with over 2000 trips per day. It is also a key connection for local residents to Toowong Village, Wesley Hospital, Regatta CityCat terminal and Auchenflower and Toowong train stations.

The Sylvan Road bike lane trial involved implementing no standing zones during peak periods along Sylvan Road, in the direction of peak traffic flow, between Milton Road and Land Street.

The bike lane trial was one of the key recommendations of the Brisbane Parking Taskforce report that was handed down late in 2014. A similar trial was undertaken on Annerley Road, Woolloongabba.

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Key findings

The trial commenced in May 2016. To evaluate the effectiveness of the trial, Council recently completed an online survey to obtain community feedback and carried out traffic monitoring to help inform the future layout of the road.

The online survey received 646 responses from cyclists, motorists, pedestrians, residents and businesses. Key results of this survey included:

  • The majority of respondents felt safer since the trial began (81% of respondents).
  • 86% of respondents said they use Sylvan Road during the morning peak and 67% said they use it during the afternoon peak.
  • 70% of respondents said they used Sylvan Road more frequently since the trial.
  • The key benefits of the trial reported by respondents were:
    • reduced risk of car 'dooring' (83% of respondents)
    • better clearance between bicycles and vehicles (78% of respondents)
    • improved visibility/line of sight for both motorists and cyclists (61% of respondents).
  • When asked what should happen after the trial:
    • 8% of respondents said the road should be returned to its previous layout
    • approximately 85% of respondents said that either the peak period bike lanes should be retained or permanent bike lanes installed.

The number of cycle trips observed increased significantly during the trial period:

  • before the trial - 1530 trips per day
  • after the trial - 2020 trips per day.

Incident monitoring completed for the trial indicated that, prior to the trial, there were 47 incidents of cyclists riding two abreast in the traffic lane and 14 incidents of doors being opened into the path of people riding bikes. None of these incidents were reported during the trial period.

Next steps

Following the successes of the trial, peak period bike lanes will remain and continue to operate on Sylvan Road between Land Street and Milton Road. The no standing zones are in effect from 6-9am for inbound traffic and 4-7pm for outbound traffic, from Monday to Friday. Motorists are able to park in the existing dedicated parking areas outside of these times. Bus services are not impacted.

Additional signage and enhanced line markings were installed in December 2017 at key locations to help motorists identify and comply with the peak period no standing zones. This includes four light emitting diode (LED) illuminating signs. 

The area will also continue to be regularly monitored by Council inspectors to ensure compliance.

Council will continue to investigate opportunities to further improve the safety of Sylvan Road for all road users. All feedback received during the trial and observations from traffic activity is being considered as part of decision-making for the future layout of Sylvan Road.

More information

If you would like to ask questions or find out more about the Sylvan Road peak period bike lanes, you can phone Council on 3403 8888. 

Last updated:1 May 2020