Player Street connection - Upper Mount Gravatt

Brisbane City Council is pleased to advise that construction of the Player Street connection at Upper Mt Gravatt is now complete. The project was undertaken to reduce congestion and improve safety and access for all road users.

The Player Street connection project was jointly funded by the Australian Government and Council as part of the Australian Government's Road to Recovery program. The project was also part of Council’s $1.3 billion commitment to more than 90 road improvement projects, to take real action on congestion, by focusing on a range of solutions to improve the existing road network, getting residents home quicker and safer.

Player Street connection fly-through

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Project summary

This table includes project summary information for the Player Street connection at Upper Mount Gravatt including address, ward, project outcomes and latest news.
Address Kessels Road at Player Street and MacGregor Street, between the Logan Motorway and Pacific Motorway, Upper Mount Gravatt.
Ward Macgregor
Project outcome Improve traffic flow, efficiency and safety, and reduce congestion
Project plan

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Latest update

Construction completed in November 2019

About the project

The project was an outcome of the 2012 Mount Gravatt Corridor Neighbourhood Plan, which identified:

  • removal of the signalised Cremin Street and Kessels Road intersection
  • extension of Player Street to connect with Kessels Road at its existing intersection with Macgregor Street.

The project involved:

  • constructing a new road link from the existing Kessels Road and MacGregor Street intersection through to Player Street
  • removing existing traffic signals at the Kessels Road and Cremin Street intersection, and providing left-in access only, into Cremin Street
  • installing a traffic median along Kessels Road, between MacGregor Street and Logan Road to remove right-turn movements to and from Cremin Street
  • lengthening the right-turn lane from Kessels Road eastbound into Logan Road
  • providing a dedicated right-turn lane from Kessels Road westbound, into the new Player Street connection
  • constructing a new roundabout at the Player Street and Pickworth Street intersection
  • constructing new pedestrian footpaths and landscaping along the Player Street connection
  • removing three street trees and a number of trees within the project area
  • planting seven trees in Tryon Street Park and five trees along the new Player Street connection, to offset impact of tree removal.

The remnant land where the temporary site compound was located will be managed by Council. Any future use of the land will be in line with the zoning of the site under the Brisbane City Plan 2014. Council is committed to expanding the green space areas within Brisbane and will assess all remnant land for its best potential use, including green space. In the intermin, new turf will be laid in the area.

Project benefits

The project benefits include:

  • improved traffic flow on Kessels Road by removing a signalised intersection.
  • improved traffic efficiency and safety, by increasing queuing spaces for the Kessels Road intersections with MacGregor Street and Logan Road.
  • improved access to and egress from the residential catchment north of Kessels Road.
  • safe right-turn access between the arterial and local road network.
  • upgraded shared pedestrian and cyclist facilities.

Other project documents

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More information

If you would like to find out more about the Player Street connection, you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 669 416 during business hours
  • phone Council's 24-hour Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888 after hours 
  • email the project team
  • write to:
    Player Street connection
    City Projects
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001.
Last updated:1 May 2020