Nundah parking study

Every day, Brisbane City Council works with residents, businesses and local communities to take real action on traffic, parking congestion and managing on-street parking to create a safe and efficient road network.

As part of this, Council undertook a parking study in and around Nundah Village to assess on-street parking and inform future decisions about parking in the Nundah Village and its surrounds. Along with in-field parking studies and desktop studies undertaken from late 2016 to early 2017, community surveys were conducted between 22 May 2017 and 19 June 2017 and more than 15,000 households, property owners and businesses were invited to provide feedback.


Community feedback was collected via:

  • Council’s website
  • email
  • phone
  • in person through face-to-face discussions on-street and through a community workshop held at Nundah Library on 31 May 2017.

Council received more than 1400 survey responses during the consultation period.

Feedback received from the community suggested that marked parking bays, enhanced active transport facilities, changes to parking restrictions and consideration of metered parking would improve the parking situation in the area.

The parking study revealed that the parking occupancy rate is very high and that a high level of non-compliance with parking restrictions occurred in the area.

Next steps

Following analysis of the parking study feedback and results, Council identified a number of priority projects and future opportunities to improve parking in and around Nundah Village. Some of these priority projects include:

  • implementing marked parking bays in consultation with the local community to the following streets within the focus area: Station Street, Nundah Street and Wood Street
  • reviewing the location of accessible parking bays to meet the needs of the community
  • reviewing time restrictions and implementing changes to achieve a better balance of short, medium and long-term parking to the following streets within the core area: Station Street, Sandgate Road and Aspinall Street
  • reviewing enforcement (general parking and work site permits)
  • installing line markings around intersections to improve sight lines in Ryans Road, Eton Street, Melton Road, York Street and Buckland Road, along with the following streets within the core area: Station Street and Aspinall Street
  • installing improved parking awareness signage
  • reviewing taxi ranks on Buckland Road, within the core area, to improve access and utilisation
  • investigating the upgrade of the Melton Road and Hows Road intersection, identified by the community as requiring an upgrade
  • encouraging the Queensland Government to provide more on-street parking by optimising under-utilised areas on State land
  • continuing to monitor and discuss with the Queensland Government their responsibility to expand the Park’n’Ride facility
  • monitoring the need for paid parking.

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Last updated:4 June 2019