Parking in Brisbane

Brisbane City Council regulates vehicle parking in Brisbane and operates two car parks in the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD). Find out about parking zones, restrictions, parking regulations and signage. You can also pay your parking fine, check your parking fine, or dispute a fine.

Parking Guide to Brisbane

The Parking Guide to Brisbane contains information on parking restrictions, parking permit areas, paid parking, park 'n' ride, special use parking, parking around schools, enforcement and a detailed map of parking areas in Brisbane.

Useful parking links

Parking permits

Council regulates vehicle parking in Brisbane to ensure residents have access to on-street across our city. There are a number of Regulated Parking Permit Scheme Areas across Brisbane, including Traffic Areas, Parking Control Areas, parking areas and Regulated Parking Permit Areas.


Car parks

Brisbane City Council operates two car parks in or near Brisbane Central Business District (CBD). You can find the car parks at King George Square and Wickham Terrace. Both car parks operate with extended hours throughout the year. They are also open on public holidays and during some special events.


Parking in the Brisbane CBD

Street parking in the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD) is limited. Find out about the Brisbane Central Traffic Area and parking for coaches and motorcycles.

Where to park

Find out about Brisbane's parking rules and regulations, including parking permit areas, and parking zones and parking around schools, universities and hospitals.


Parking meters and fees

Parking meters are used to regulate parking in areas where street parking is in high demand, such as the Brisbane Central Business District.

Parking and traffic fines

Find out about the parking offences that Council regulates under State and Council legislation and the relevant dollar value and penalty unit categories.

Special event parking

Find out about the Traffic Areas, Parking Control Areas and Regulated Parking Permit Areas that are in place around sporting and special event facilities in Brisbane. 

Parking rules

You must park your car, motorbike or other vehicle in Brisbane in accordance with our parking rules. Find out more.

Parking permit areas

Find out about the different parking permit areas across Brisbane. These parking permit areas include regulated parking permit areas, parking areas, traffic areas and parking control areas.

Brisbane Parking Taskforce

Read about recommendations from the Brisbane Parking Taskforce which was established to respond to parking issues and to look at options for managing on-street parking.

Abandoned vehicles

Find out what Council deems as an abandoned vehicle how to make an abandoned vehicle complaint online.

Removal, storage, sale or disposal of vehicles and articles from Council assets

Under the Public Land and Council Assets Local Law 2014, Council may confiscate vehicles or articles from Council assets under certain conditions. Find more about the confiscated vehicles and articles.

Brisbane PARK(ing) Day 2018

Council proudly supported International PARK(ing) Day this year, giving artists, designers and community groups the opportunity to transform on-street parking spaces across Brisbane into creative, people-friendly spaces.