Parking rules

Brisbane City Council has parking rules in place for parking your car, motorbike or any other vehicle within Brisbane. Most residential and suburban parking is not regulated provided the vehicle is not parked illegally or dangerously. Certain areas such as the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD)sport facilitiesuniversities and hospitals have restricted parking in place to allow residents of these areas to use street parking.

There are also a range of parking zones used throughout Brisbane to assist traffic flow and safety.

Parking zones

There are many parking and traffic zones used throughout Brisbane. Understanding these zones will help you navigate and park on busy Brisbane streets and avoid fines.

Residential parking rules

Brisbane residential areas have parking rules in place to ensure parked or stopped vehicles do not affect local access or traffic flow. 

Illegal and dangerous parking

Find out about Council's parking rules and regulations relating to illegally or dangerously parked vehicles.

General parking rules

Find out about general parking rules in Brisbane.

Towed vehicles

Find out about tow away zones and the steps to take if your vehicle has been towed. 

Trucks (heavy and long vehicles)

To help keep our residential streets accessible, restrictions apply to long-term truck (heavy and long vehicle) parking.

Clearway and solid yellow lines

Find out information about parking in clearways and on solid yellow lines.

Bus and transit lanes

Find information on bus and transit lanes in Brisbane.

Public holiday parking

Information about parking in Brisbane on public holidays.