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Parking zones

There are many parking and traffic zones used throughout Brisbane. Understanding these zones will help you navigate and park on busy Brisbane streets and avoid fines.

There are also a range of parking rules in Brisbane to assist traffic flow and road safety.

Special use zone

Find out about special use zone parking restrictions.

No parking zone

Find out about no parking zone parking restrictions and regulations.

Commercial vehicle loading zone

Find out about commercial vehicle loading zone parking regulations and restrictions. Council is trialling new high visibility loading zone signage in Brisbane city. Find more information and locations. 

Two minute passenger zone

Find out about two minute passenger zone parking regulations and restrictions. Council is trialling new high visibility loading zone signage in Brisbane city. Find more information and locations.

Taxi zone

Find out about taxi zone parking regulation and restrictions.

Bus zone

Find out about bus zones parking regulations and restrictions.

Work zone

Find out about work zone parking regulations and restrictions.

More information

Find information on parking restrictions and permit areas, paid parking, park 'n' ride, special use parking, parking around schools, enforcement and a detailed map of parking areas in Brisbane in Council's Parking in Brisbane Guide brochure.

29 October 2018