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The Gabba (Gabba Traffic Area)

The Brisbane Cricket Ground, better known as ‘The Gabba’, is home to AFL and cricket in Brisbane. It is one of the most used stadiums in Brisbane and can draw crowds up to 42,000 people.

The Gabba Traffic Area was created to ensure street parking is available to residents that live around The Gabba. If you live within the Gabba Traffic Area, you can apply for a parking permit.

A two hour parking limit applies to all on-street parking spaces within The Gabba Traffic Area. This applies between 7am-7pm, Monday to Friday. A 15 minute parking limit also applies to all on-street parking spaces between 7am-10pm on Gabba event days. If a parking sign applies to a particular location, the signed conditions override the general area-wide parking time limits during the days and times displayed on the sign.

Motorists can continue to park in spaces signed 'P No Limit'. This applies to the parking spaces on the side of the road on which the sign appears. Residents and their visitors who have a parking permit are exempt from the area-wide parking limits.

To help motorists easily identify if they’ve parked within The Gabba Traffic Area, high visibility information signs are in place. The high visibility signs sit underneath street signs. The additional signage complements signage located on roads leading into the area.

Due to parking limits in the area, Council recommends public transport as the best way to get to events. For information about getting to the Gabba, visit the Gabba and Translink websites.

Gabba Traffic Area map

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07 November 2018