Parking and permits

Brisbane City Council regulates vehicle parking in Brisbane and operates two car parks in the Brisbane CBD at King George Square and Wickham Terrace. Find out about parking zones, restrictions, parking regulations and signage. You can also pay your parking fine, check your parking fine or dispute a fine.

Parking in Brisbane Guide

Download the Parking in Brisbane Guide brochure in your preferred format:

A hard copy of this brochure was distributed to all Brisbane residents with the November 2016 edition of Council's Living in Brisbane e-newsletter. To request an additional copy of the brochure, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

Additionally you may like to view the 16 page guide, which provides further detail to help you understand parking restrictions, permit parking areas, special use parking, paid parking, park’n’ride, parking around schools and parking enforcement. 

Useful parking links


Pay your parking fine

Find out how you can pay a parking fine or how to dispute a fine. You can also find out how much a parking or traffic fine is.

Car parks

Brisbane City Council is pleased to make available special offers at the King George Square and Wickham Terrace car parks.


Where to park

Read about parking permit areas, parking zones & disability parking and areas around special events facilities, universities, hospitals and other areas of high traffic. 

Parking rules

Find out where and when you can park your car, motorbike or other vehicle, what zones or areas you can park in and what happens if you vehicle is towed.

Parking in the Brisbane CBD

Find out the rules and locations for parking your vehicle in the Brisbane Central Traffic Area.

Parking meters and fees

Find out about the types of meters used in Brisbane and parking meter fees.

Brisbane Parking Taskforce

The Taskforce has completed their review. Download the Parking Review Report to see the recommendations.

Special event parking

Find out the rules for parking at or around a sporting or special event.

Parking permits

Find out if you need a parking permit for a high traffic or residential area and how to apply for one.

Abandoned vehicles

Find out what an abandoned vehicle is and how to make a complaint.

Removal, Storage, Sale and Disposal of Vehicles from Council Assets

Find out if your vehicle has been removed by Council and what vehicles are currently for sale.