Parking meter mobile phone payments

Any on-street paid parking session can be started, stopped and paid for from your mobile device. CellOPark Australia provides this service on behalf of Brisbane City Council.

How it works

CellOPark Australia offers a range of payment methods that allow you to pay for your parking session from your mobile device. 

These options include:

  • make a payment via the CellOPark Australia app (available for download via iTunes and Google Play)
  • make a payment via the CellOPark Australia website
  • make a payment by phoning CellOPark Australia on 07 5646 5222

To make payment for a parking session from your mobile device you will need to register as a CellOPark Australia user. You can register via the app, website or by phoning CellOPark Australia.

Once you have registered your personal and billing details you can pay for available on-street parking with your mobile device.

To start parking

After you have parked your vehicle, open the CellOPark Australia app and make sure you select your vehicle registration from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page.

To start your session you can either:

  • select Brisbane as your location from the drop down menu, and enter the correct zone number (look for the 7 digit number printed on the side of the nearest parking meter) and select start
  • scan the QR code located on the side of the parking meter (directly underneath the 7 digit zone number) which will start your session automatically.

If you don't have a smart phone you can still pay for parking by phoning CellOPark Australia or by visiting the website and follow the prompts.

Once the parking session has started the countdown timer will begin and display the maximum remaining time for your parking session. When your parking session has started, parking officers will see a valid parking session is underway when they check your number plate.

To stop parking

Simply select “stop” in the app or on the website. Your account is charged only for the time that you actually use. Alternatively phone CellOPark to end your parking session.

You can end a parking session with any of the available methods, as long as you us the same mobile number linked to the account.

Premium account features

Premium service users can opt to receive SMS reminders advising when their parking session has 15 minutes remaining, as well as activating the iMoved feature which detects that you may have driven away without ending the parking session and reminds the customer to stop the current parking session.

This service costs $1.99 per month per registered vehicle and covers unlimited messages and notifications during that month. Premium account holders who don't use these services in a particular month will not be charged a service cost for that month.

15 minute free parking

15 minute free parking, and other valid Council parking special deals can be accessed through the CellOPark Australia mobile parking app.


The following charges apply for mobile phone parking payments.

Transaction Cost
Download the CellOPark Australia app Free
Registration sign up Free
Transaction cost using app Free
Transaction cost using phone Call charges apply
Premium Account (optional) which includes SMS reminders and iMoved feature $1.99 per registered vehicle per month

The mobile phone payment system is managed by CellOPark Australia.

29 March 2016