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Parking meters

Council provides on-street pay parking across Brisbane with multiple payment options available including parking meters and pay-by-app. Pricing is structured depending on the parking zone.

Brisbane has three parking zones:

  • zone one: Brisbane CBD
  • zone two: City Fringe
  • zone three: rest of Brisbane.

You can download the regulated parking zone map (PDF - 672kb) or view the parking meter terms and conditions.

Some parking spaces in the Central Business District have different restrictions during peak hours. Always check traffic signs before parking your vehicle.

Fee capping system

Fees are capped for on-street parking in Brisbane depending on which zone you are parking:

Parking area zone  Maximum charge
1 weekdays - $11
weekends - $6.60
2 weekdays - $9.20
Weekends - $4.40
3 $5.50

For example, the hourly rate in zone 2 (for meters with an allowable parking time of more than four hours) is $1.80, therefore if you put:

  • $3.60 into the parking meter, you get two hours of parking time
  • $9.00 into the parking meter, you get five hours of parking time
  • $9.20 into the parking meter, allows you to park for the maximum signed parking time (up to 12 hours).

Refer to the regulated parking fees for cars and regulated parking fees for motorcycles for more information.

Payment options

Council has recently changed mobile payment providers from iPark to CellOPark Australia. You can access CellOPark Australia via a free app for mobile devices, CellOPark Australia's website or phone on 07 5646 5222. Customers will no longer be charged transaction fees when paying via phone, however standard call charges apply.

Payment can be made by:

  • mobile phone payments
  • coin (20c, 50c, $1, $2 are accepted)
  • credit card (Visa and MasterCard are accepted).

Always check the parking meter instructions for payment options.

There is no need to display a ticket on your vehicle as our parking inspectors validate parking sessions via your number plate.

Payment problems

If your preferred parking payment option is not available, report the issue as soon as possible.

For parking meter faults:

  • text Council on 0428 410 111 with the parking meter number, vehicle registration and parking meter issue
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 to report the fault.

For "pay by App" issues

  • contact CellOPark Australia on 07 5646 5222 to report the issue.


01 July 2018