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Residential parking permits

Residential parking permits are required for anyone who lives in a residential parking permit area or traffic area. These areas are usually concentrated around shopping, university or hospital areas or around sporting or entertainment facilities.

Interim permits may be issued only at the time of application where the customer applies in person at any Regional Business Centre and the application meets all criteria.

Apply for a parking permit

Find out if you are able to apply for a residential parking permit and also how to make an application.

Pay for your residential parking permit

Find out how to pay for your residential parking permit and renewals.

Permit renewal and replacement

Find out how to renew or replace a residential parking permit.

Additional visitor permit

Find out if you can get additional visitor parking permits.

Restricted short term permit

Find out how you can apply for a restricted short term permit for use in a Brisbane City Council residential parking permit area.

Permits for company cars

If you live in a residential traffic area and have a company car, you can apply for a parking permit.

Parking permit areas

Find out more information regarding Residential Parking Permit Areas and Traffic and Parking Control Areas.



16 November 2017