Apply for a parking permit

Residential parking permits

Residential parking permits are required for anyone who lives and parks in a residential parking permit area or a traffic area. Eligible residents can apply to Council for a residential parking permit, visitor permits and short term permits. Residential parking permits do not guarantee on street parking.

A service fee is applicable for residential parking permits. You can find out more about the fees and how to pay for your parking permit.

Currently, permits are issued for a period 1 July - 30 June each year. There are no  pro-rata rates or reduction to fees for applications or renewals received after 1 July.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, phone Council’s Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888.

Eligibility for residential parking permits

To be eligible for a resident parking permit, residents must be a primary owner occupier and/or tenant with a current lease of six months or more and reside in a traffic area or a signed residential parking area.

Permits are not issued to:

  • visiting business staff or contractors who do not reside at the address
  • non-resident landlords, hotel guests and occupants of serviced apartments
  • people who do not reside at an address full-time
  • residents in the Roma Street Parkland precinct

Future residents will be ineligible for a residential parking permit if they reside in a multiple dwelling, apartment or student accommodation that was approved as a result of a development application lodged after 31 March 2015.

Permits can only be issued for cars or motorcycles. They will not be issued for boats, caravans, trucks, buses, tractors or other heavy vehicles. All traffic regulations must be adhered to by all other vehicles not eligible for a permit. Penalties may apply.

Eligible residents are entitled to one residential permit (non-transferable) for each vehicle registered to the address. Residents may also apply for up to two restricted visitor (transferable) permits per residence for use by genuine visitors or service vehicles, except for the Taringa residential parking permit area and New Farm and Teneriffe Hill residential parking permit area, where residents may only apply for one residential permit (non-transferable) and one restricted visitor (transferable) permit per residence for use by genuine visitors or service vehicles.

How to apply

Applying in person

You can apply for a residential parking permit in person at a Regional Business Centre. You can pay for your permit using a credit card (Visa or Mastercard only), cash, cheque or money order.

Applying via email

You can email the completed residential parking permit application, including signature and supporting documents to Council's Parking Permit Officer.

Your application will be considered and, if approved, you will receive a notice with information about how to pay for your residential parking permit.

Applying by mail

You can apply for a residential parking permit by mail. Return your completed application, supporting documents and either a cheque or money order for the correct amount to:

Brisbane City Council
Parking Permit Officer
GPO Box 5234
Brisbane Qld 4000

Please note that it is illegal to send cash via Australia Post.

Application requirements

All documentation must be in the applicant's name and address. Incomplete applications cannot be processed until all documentation is received.

The application must include a:

  • completed and signed application form
  • copy of a recent rates notice (owner occupier) or a tenancy agreement (of six months or more) or a current utility bill
  • copy of your vehicle registration certificate or vehicle transfer documents for each vehicle requiring a permit

A completed statement may be required if the listed documentation is not available. If the registration certificate is not available, a copy of your driver's licence (both sides) and the completed statement is required as proof of ownership.

Download the hard copy form.

Interim permits

Short term or day permits can be issued at any Regional Business Centres. Up to two interim permits may be issued only at the time of application where the customer applies in person at any Regional Business Centre and the application meets all criteria. Interim permits are valid for one month from the date the resident parking permit application is lodged.

Information Privacy

Council will take all reasonable and appropriate steps to protect the privacy of individuals as required by the Information Privacy Act 2009 and the information privacy principles contained in the Act. When collecting your personal information for residential parking permit purposes, your details may be passed to Council's contracted service provider to manage the permit issuing processes on our behalf.

15 December 2017