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Restricted short term permit

If you live within a traffic area or residential parking permit area, currently hold a residential parking permit and are holding a private function or event, you can apply for a short-term permit.

These may be issued for guests attending a private function or event at a residence within a traffic area or a residential parking area. Council should be notified at least 14 days prior to the event to allow for consideration of the application. Short-term permits for functions are only valid for up to two days maximum (permits for other reasons may be valid for up to a week)


In order to be eligible to apply for short term permits the applicant must either hold a current residential parking permit or have submitted and paid for a residential parking permit.

Residents with current residential parking permits require no proof of residency in order for a short-term permit application to be processed.

Short-term permits may not be issued for the central business district or for building or renovation purposes in any traffic area. Work zone exemptions issued by Council may be an alternative

You must complete, sign and tick the appropriate box on the application form.

Find out how to apply for a residential parking permit.

Interim permits

Short-term or day permits can be issued at any Regional Business Centre. Up to two interim permits may be issued only at the time of application where the customer applies in person at any Regional Business Centre and the application meets all criteria. Interim permits are valid for one month from the date the resident parking permit application is lodged.

27 November 2015