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Brisbane Metro project features and benefits

Brisbane City Council will deliver Brisbane Metro through the following five key elements. 


For much of the alignment, Brisbane Metro will use the existing busway, along with modifications to existing infrastructure and targeted investment in new infrastructure.

New and updated infrastructure will:

  • provide a new underground station at the Cultural Centre precinct
  • convert Victoria Bridge into a 'green' bridge
  • provide a new tunnel under Adelaide Street
  • modify and upgrade existing stations
  • provide a new depot facility for Metro vehicle fleet.

Metro vehicle

Brisbane Metro will deliver a new fleet of 60 Metro vehicles, each able to carry up to 150 passengers. The Metro vehicle fleet will expand over time to accommodate growth and demand for services.

Metro vehicles will:

  • have a distinctive design reflecting the image of a modern, fast, high-capacity, convenient and reliable transit system
  • be capable of operating on the existing busway network
  • be approximately 25 metres long
  • have low floor design and at least four large double doors to allow quicker boarding and alighting
  • have Wi-Fi connectivity
  • include mobile device charging facilities
  • include audio and visual passenger information providing real-time vehicle location and travel updates.


Brisbane Metro will introduce new vehicle and passenger management systems to improve the efficiency and reliability of busway operations and provide a better experience for customers.

System features will:

  • have dynamic vehicle bay allocation
  • allow and provide access to real-time vehicle location and travel updates
  • include passenger information displays and voice announcements.

Policy and operations

Brisbane Metro will change a number of current operational policies to improve capacity and travel time reliability.

Policy and operational features will:

  • include multi-door boarding and alighting for customers on Metro vehicles and buses
  • have ticketing improvements to speed-up boarding
  • implement new passenger information display systems.

Network and services

Brisbane Metro will get residents home quicker and safer with more travel options, less congestion and better public transport.

Network and services features will:

  • provide interchange opportunities at 11 stations
  • improve the bus network with more buses to the suburbs across Brisbane
  • provide a 21 kilometre turn-up-and-go service
  • have two dedicated lines
  • connect 18 stations from Eight Mile Plains to Roma Street and Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital to University of Queensland Lakes
  • complement Cross River Rail with interchanges at Boggo Road station and Roma Street.

More information

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11 March 2019